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Recently, I chose to attend a fetish convention and began to shop for appropriate outfits. I became convinced that if I was to wear something truly unique, that I would need to utilize my own skills and design it myself.


As I drew my first sketches, it occurred to me that there was an opportunity for more modern designs and to integrate an urban styling. One sketch would lead to another as the possibilities for an entire fashion line became evident.

There was so much richness of material, so much variety of style, so many options in accessories, that the first outfit evolved into several, which grew into an entire fetish fashion line, boy was it a lot of work. Enjoy the video for your entertainment. 

I am delighted to introduce the Fun Kink Fetish Line. I'm so confident and inspired with the fun and love that I put into making kinky fashion fun and expressive in so many ways.  I hope that you enjoy . 

Fetish Fashion Show

If your looking to help support my Fashion creative ideas I do Appreciate donations

This is all items that I recommend for my sissies in training. Or if you will be joining my Online Sissy Classes all items here are what I recommend.

So allow me to help you with your shopping . I have the Perfect Starter kits, Make up, Outfits, Shoes ETC. Go Check out the shopping site below

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