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Professional Dominatrix




Sessions Available in Atlanta, Smyna, GA Location

Book your Session today only $100 Booking fee


Dominatrix Egyptian Royalty, A Goddess that specializes in BDSM, Sissy training, Feminization - Slave Training - Dominatrix - Chastity Device Pet Training,  Pain & pleasure, Real- Time  Sissy Training, Real time Play at her own Dungeon.

My ancestors sprang forth from the Nile River.  They were the first offspring of Mother Earth, the only beings to be fertilized and birthed from her sacred Nile waters, the direct descendants of the Creator, Father Sun. They were immortalized by mankind, as they built the cradle of civilization in the valleys of the Sacred Nile River.

My lineage dates back to the Eighteenth Dynasty, who were known as the world's builders, farmers, masons, scientists, artisans, astronomers and master builders. They erected a new series of temples and pyramids under the guidance of our sacred God Amun-Ra.​  My ancestors in the Twenty-fifth Dynasty reunited Upper and Lower Egypt, always  acknowledging their roots in Kush (Nubia) from whence they came. And YES, my family had many servants... thousands of them. Having servants is an ancient tradition of my family. This tradition has been preserved by my family to this very day by way of the national community in which I grew up. So it is therefore quite fitting that I am a Pro-Dominatrix, and worshiped as Modern-Day Egyptian Royalty.

 I am a modern woman of the world, but I am also the direct descendant of the Warrior Spirit Sekhmet, and a Queen of the Nile by Blood. Should you have the honor to serve me, you will be smitten by my Regal Charm, my unquenchable spirit, and my zest for dominating you.

Upon meeting, you will discover that I am very easy going and not hard to speak with. My sessions are unique and in my cultural theme. Our time together is precious, so remember first impressions are very important and meaningful to me. Our first time will be challenging as I learn and stretch your limits. I can be nurturing, playfully malicious or diabolically sinister, depending on your desires.                                                                                  

  NO Illegal Activities.  Don't ask 

Empress Upcoming Traveling Dates:

 Atlanta bookings Available.


Nyc Dates's Coming soon


"How Egyptian Royalty ruled my world.

When I met her, her beauty, grace and power overtook me. She didn’t have to say anything to put me in my place, just her energy put me where I needed to be.

I play with a lot of kinky people, but it is a huge difference being dominated by Egyptian Royalty." 

Empress and Slave

Egyptian Royalty Tribute

Every Real BDSM Dominatrix Requires a Tributes or some kind of Donation. This is so we know you're not wasting our time. Be a good little bitch and obey the rules. 

When Worshiping a True Egyptian Royalty like me, just know that I have my own unique style and Love feeling like a Queen and being treated like one at all times. There's always a place and time for you to enjoy my kinky Dominant side because I’m just naturally dominant and Really enjoy being the Dominant. Being Egyptian Royalty means that I love being pampered on a regular basis to keep my appearance neat and clean. You should want the same for me.  Every girl loves a good manicure and pedicure. Egyptian Royalty will be a refection of you. When presenting Egyptian Royalty to anyone you should want me to represent you in a very classy way. Just because we are into kink doesn't mean that we have to wear it on our faces, unless this is something you're into and don’t mind then it's All On. I love a trip to a good spa, a Dinner date, Shopping etc. with a nice foot Rub that may lead you into a very interesting situation  ;). Yes I'm a Classy lady, but can you keep up with my kinky Dominant side? Remember... what happens in Egyptian Royalty's Chamber's stays in Egyptian Royalty's Chamber's and will be kept private, unless you voluntarily post on my blog with pics… then your on your own for the world to see.

Feel free to impress me. I have my wish list link and Tribute methods listed on this page . Offerings are the best way to impress me because it has been a cultural tradition of my family for centuries. 

I travel extensively for business, spending most of my time in Atlanta and New York.  Book your session with locations in mind so that I can plan my trips accordinglyCheck my travel calendar to see if I'll be in a town near you. 


If you desire to assist me with building my brand, I'm looking for a worthy sub to help with Cleaning my Dungeon, Working on my social media, Networking and Marketing.

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