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Yesss Goddess

"How Egyptian Royalty ruled my world. When I met her, her beauty, grace and power

overtook me.  She didn’t have to say anything to put me in my place, just her energy put me where I needed to be.


I play with a lot of kinky people, but it is a huge difference being dominated by Egyptian Royalty." 

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Yesss Goddess
Egyptian Royalty

Atlanta's Premier Dominatrix

Dominatrix Egyptian Royalty, A Goddess that specializes in BDSM, Sissy training, Feminization - Slave Training - Dominatrix - Chastity Device Pet Training,  Pain & pleasure, Real- Time  Sissy Training, Real time Play at her own Dungeon.

My lineage dates back to the Eighteenth Dynasty, My ancestors sprang forth from the Nile River.  They were the first offspring of Mother Earth, the only beings to be fertilized and birthed from her sacred Nile waters, the direct descendants of the Creator, Father Sun. They were immortalized by mankind, as they built the cradle of civilization in the valleys of the Sacred Nile River.  And YES, my family had many servants... thousands of them. Having servants is an ancient tradition of my family. This tradition has been preserved by my family to this very day by way of the national community in which I grew up. So it is therefore quite fitting that I am a Pro-Dominatrix, and worshiped as Modern-Day Egyptian Royalty.

Atlanta Dominatrix Egyptian Royalty
Atlanta Dominatrix Egyptian Royalty