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Photo Gallery

""Serving Egyptian Royalry is an experience that transcends mere submission—it is an opportunity to behold true beauty in its purest form. Her radiant presence and graceful demeanor are matched only by her inner strength and dominance.""  
French Slave

Bow to Your Queen

Ongoing ...


You will bow down to me!  I am your Queen, your Goddess, your Empress and I accept only the best submissives.

Make yourself known, sign up and get access to the full photoshoot and tell me which pic is your fave!  We may even get a chance to recreate it in person!

Modelling Days


uma sweatshirt.jpg
selfie 1 low.jpg

Selection of older photos from back in my modelling days.  

Yesss Goddess!

Ongoing ...


Your new Temple has arrived.  I have put My slave's Blood, Sweat, and Tears into making My Temple.  It comes fully stocked with Cage, Stocks, St Andrews Cross, Medical Chair, Bondage, Wall of Whips, Chastity Devices, Dildo's and much more.

Available for hourly rentals.

Synful Desires

January, 2023

Syn a regular sub at the Dungeon, she is under my protection and guidance.  She stopped by in January to help launch the Yesss Goddess Dungeon and had some spare time to play.

See the full photoshoot, with explicit shots capturing the fun we had.

Sissy Showcase

Ongoing ...


I have guided and transformed so many men.  In 9 months they are reborn as a beautiful lady, confident, skilled, and eager to impress. You will look like a woman, think like a woman, act like a woman and be the sissy slut you have always dreamed of becoming...

This series showcases My best sissy's

Maid Service

Ongoing ...


My Maid's are the best and better yet they are available to hire.  Please take a look through my available Maid's that are cleaning a house near you.

If you like any reach out, and I will schedule them to stop by your house.

Public  Humiliation

Ongoing ..

Arm raised_edited.jpg
Keepers ER 9-27-18 (44 of 86).jpg

Don't be scared.  I won't bite but if you see Me, approach with respect and discretely.  If I deem you worthy, you will be on all fours in no time.  

This collection shows some of these public photoshoots and experiences.

Proceed with Caution

Ongoing ..

tape low.jpg
black cat suit edit.jpg

One of my favorite shoots.  i recently got to play with the caution tape again with a sub and it brought back so many good memories.

This collection includes 10 pictures of Me wrapped in Caution Tape.

Pretty in Pink

Ongoing ..


Girls just want to have fun.  This collection of pictures is what you get when I put a group of female submissives in front of a pink backdrop.  I got to have my wicked way.

This is some of my favorite pictures I have 

In  Session

Ongoing ..


There is nothing better than an in-person session.  Here you will find some of my ave pics from recent experiences.

Visiting  DomCon

September, 2019

skin diamond and unicorn sub.jpg
margeaux 1.jpg

A fetish playground and every Dominatrix dream to be invited to attend Domcon!  I had a great experience. 


Take a behind-the-scenes look of my week.

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