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Become a Sacred Pet of Empressuma


  • PUPPY Obedience Training

  • Eat from the PUPPY Bowl
  • Overnight PUPPY Cage to sleep in

  • Local DOG Park for Daily walks

  • No talking, BARKING only!

 Training will help to support you in becoming a full-time Puppy for your Goddess.  Book a Real-time sessions. you will become a better Pet for her use. You will become a well-behaved pet, after spending time with Me. The best Trainer in town.

I do most of my training in real-time, but I have used my experience from over the years to train, feed, groom, play and communicate with my stable of pets with the love and affection they deserve.    From picking out your new name, to your first steps and barking like the puppy you are, over time you will crave to be owned by Myself, the best handler in town as we learn new tricks and go on walks together before returning home to be groomed and bathed.

Jealous of the attention of a mans best friend.. You can look at the world from a different perspective include taking walks in nature, learning tricks and undergo
the training and obedience process that many other pups go through to become good dogs.

Horses are magnificent, powerful, and strong. It’s no surprise that many people want to emulate being a horse or pony. Pony play is less
about carrying someone on your back and more about training as a horse. For others, pony play is all about dressage and

The adorable, curious, playful, and friendly kitten is another famous role popular among pet play fetishists. As a kitten, you can
imitate the typical actions that young felines do, like play-biting, pouncing, playing with balls, and mewing. Many kittens enjoy
petting and receiving treats.

Egyptian Pet Play                          ​​​​

  1. Anubis- Dog 

  2. Bast- Cat

Basic Pets

  1. Puppy 

  2. Kitty

  3. Piggy

  4. Pony 

In Ancient Egypt many animals were associated with the Gods and Goddesses, so this is my choice of pets that I'm willing to train for my entertainment. 

Human Pet Play
Puppy Play Training




  • Choose your new PET name

  • Get down on ALL FOURS and learn to walk

  • Learn to talk only in your PET talk

  • Act like the PET you are becoming

  • Own your first LEASH and COLLAR


My PETS  give unconditional love and companionship.  So yes, they are attached to Me and in return, I cater to their every need as I TRAIN, FEED, GROOM, and PLAY with them.  My PETS are reliant on Me to take care of them.

RReal time Pet Training Session

Welcome to your Pet Training  Daily Task 


This month Training Will be about your Diet and lifestyle as a pet and your long term Goal as a pet.

All of you item collected during your Training will still be needed  Long term  for your Pet play Training . 

Pet Training Ruls
  1. Must wear Collar at all times around your Goddess

  2. Must Obey all commands On your Goddess or else 

  3. Real Time Session = Online session once a week

  4. Must record task of training and email a copy to Goddess.

  5. Post on social media and tag Yesss Goddess to share your Dungeon 

Pet Check list
  • Collar 

  • Leash

  • Water bowl with name 

  • Food Dish with Name 

  • Bitch ID tag with name and Goddess name as Owner

  • Pet Treats

  • Pet Cage

  • Pet Bed 

  • Pet Blanket 

  • Training pad

  • Pet toy's: Buttplugs with tail

  • Harness 

  • Used pair of shoes

At the end of your Personal Pet Training online courses, I will Expect you to complete some real time outdoor task (with or with out your Owner) if you have completed all of the Pet Training Courses.

Public Pet Play adventure 

  1. Take an Owner and pet picture, or Take a Pic of yourself handing your leash to your goddess.

  2. Take Pet to a Pet friendly Restaurant. ( If not with Goddess must record) 

  3. Take Pet on a Pet date at the pet park. 

  4. Do a Pet play video with your Goddess or one Honoring your Goddess 

   You will get an Ownership Certificate Pet Tag at the end of your Training and a Treat from your Goddess.

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