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"I had the pleasure of serving Egyptian Royalty, and it was an experience unlike any other. Her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail set her apart as a true dominatrix. Her dungeon is immaculate, her commands firm yet fair, and her beauty unmatched. 
Slave Joe

Weekly Events


Under the guidance of Egyptian Royalty, you will delve into the world of high heels, discovering the perfect balance, posture, and fluid movements that define true glamour. Drawing from years of experience coaching models, Egyptian Royalty brings a wealth of knowledge to empower you.


Step into the enthralling world of Egyptian Royalty every Friday with our exclusive online live streams. As a member of My Loyal Fans page, you'll unlock access to mesmerizing behind-the-scenes footage and captivating live sessions. Immerse yourself in the intriguing realm of domination as I guide you through the inner workings of my royal domain. Join our loyal fans community and indulge in a front-row seat to the magic that unfolds every week.


I am offering this session exclusively to participants enrolled in my Online Sissy School for their weekly check-ins as required. This is an optional class, available every Saturday, where you can drop in and out as needed. Whether you have questions, wish to chat, or seek one-on-one training, this dedicated time slot is reserved just for you. Join in and make the most of your sissy journey!

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