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Slave Testimonials

Name: Sissy Steve  


What went well?  Incredible session…much better than I could have imagined!  Egyptian Royalty took control of me and made me her little bitch, just begging to worship her.  She was dressed in a cat suit and utterly had no qualms about completely humiliating and degrading me.  I just crave to serve her more now!What didn’t go well?:  Nothing.  Everything was beyond my expectations!How could we improve your next Session?:  Keep doing what you’re doing, Egyptian Royalty!

 How Egyptian Royalty ruled my world. When I met her, her beauty, grace and power overtook me. She didn’t have to say anything to put me in my place, just her energy put me where I needed to be. I play with a lot of kinky people, but it is a huge difference being dominated by Egyptian Royalty. This comes very natural to her and was just a great fit. I was there to get my balls kicked and she kicked the crap out of them. I got rock hard and felt completely under her control. I was taking and would take any amount of hits to the balls for her. I was so turned on and wanted her to own me. I brought a foam bat with me for her to hit me with also. She did some hard swings to end the session and bring me to her feet to kiss. I left wanting more and thinking about her everyday and about the experience.


Thank you Egyptian Royalty!


Your Little Bitch,


  February 22, 2012

                           “ Mistress,,,,,,,
                             may I serve you

It started as an online diversion, but quickly became a quest to please Her!
    I thought that I was in control.  It was fun to play the submissive.  Apparently, She had other plans.  She immediately changed my name to Johanna….
    There was once when I cancelled an order from Amazon of something for Her…..she threatened to leave me forever…she was MAD….I reordered the item…and begged for forgiveness. I was hopelessly ensnared in her web. 
    Over the years our relationship has evolved.  I find that I need to feel her control over me on a steady basis……and I see no reason to change that…..she is my Empress for the rest of my life.



Dear Egyptian Royalty,

I wanted to write this letter to express my gratitude in allowing me to become your bitch! When I first saw your profile, I was enamored with your beauty. I mean you are more beautiful than any Empress I have even seen! Your eyes were looking right through me and straight into my soul. Your hair long and thick and I wish I could be bound by it. Your smile takes me to a summer day feeling safe and warm in the arms of the sunshine. Your legs look as though someone took the richest sweetest caramel and poured it into the perfect shape. Your precious feet are exquisite and are just perfect for stepping on my soul repeatedly until You turn me into the finest wine worthy enough for You to sip from and intoxicate Your own soul with my submission.

Since the first time I met You, I have never felt out of place or like I didn’t belong. I’ve always felt like I have found my place where I belong at Your feet. Your intelligence, knowledge and experience have created the perfect place for me to surrender my body, mind and soul to You for Your amusement and pleasure.

The first time I served you will always be the most memorable. I remember as You applied makeup on me for my first time how scared I was and You were absolutely wonderful in helping me overcome that fear. I remember receiving my first spankings from You and thinking how lucky I was to have Her marks on my ass. Hoping that they would last a while so that I could look at them everyday in the mirror and remember getting them. I remember when You walked in wearing that pink strap-on and then leaning over near my ear to tell me that You were going to “take” my ass and that I am going to know it without any doubt and You did just that. You popped my cherry and completely took my ass. There was no denying You Your pleasure in fucking me. You fucked the cum right out of me. I was milked with no orgasm. I remember when You promised to train me to take that huge dildo of Yours. I remember when You were done with me and before I was allowed to leave You took the chastity device I brought with me and told me to put it on and that You wanted to lock me up.


Well, it has been nearly two weeks and it is very frustrating. Every morning, I wake up trying like hell to get hard and I can’t. I have to sit down to pee. I have now had to turn down two requests for dates with girls I could have had sex with. You have taken over my sex life completely and I love that power You have over me. You haven’t allowed me an orgasm since You took possession of my cock and that is very frustrating. I have never in my life been this long without even touching my cock I am constantly thinking of You every moment of the day! I also remember how You were much more excited than I was at getting that lock on and when I saw the look in your eyes as You clicked it shut I fell in love with you right there and then and I knew that You were now my Mistress and my Goddess and that I would always obey You and continue to prove my worthiness to You.

I can only beg and hope that You will continue to allow me to serve You and to be in Your presence. I promise to do my absolute best to treat You as the Royalty You truly are. I love You and I wish to belong to You forever. 



Thank you Egyptian Royalty,      

Your Private Slave


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