Sissy Training Program

I do most of my training real time, but I have used my experience in sissy training to create an online monitored program to develop the woman inside of you.

Be aware that this program is not merely "fun and games."  This program will feminize you irrevocably.  

Program elements include:

Wardrobe conversion:  You will be guided through the replacement of your male wardrobe with effeminate and then feminine garments.  In short order you will replace all of your undergarments with Panties and Bras, and socks with hosiery.  Depending on your career we will replace your male jeans with tighter female jeans or your business suits with women's business suits.  Over time, your wardrobe will be completely feminine.

Feminine Grooming is also on the agenda as you grow your hair, add highlights, arch your eyebrows, do your nails, and add piercings to your ears.  Over time you will appear more and more feminine and in public others will begin to misgender you and call you MIss or Maam.

Feminine Movement and Gestures:  Through Video training classes you will be trained to move, walk, sit, and use hand gestures as a woman.  

Chastity is a requirement, as I will hold the key to a continually evolving collection of cages which will over time be reduced in size

Resexualization:  No longer able to gain sexual satisfaction through your caged "clit", you will begin to stretch and sensitize your "love canal" with a set of plugs which will increase in size.  Masturbation will henceforth be with vibrators and through penetration.

Hormone Therapy:  We will begin with natural estrogens and you will be given instructions on how you will begin prescription estrogens and anti-androgens.  Through this process, your body hair will diminish, your fat distribution and shape will change, and your genitals will shrink.

Female Self-Image:  Our work will be in vain if you do not internalize that you have changed into a woman.  Hypnosis is the key to changing one's self-image and through a progressive set of hypnosis programming tapes, you will learn to accept yourself, first as a sissy and then as the woman you have become.

Penetration:    Now that you have accepted yourself as female, now that you look female, now that your sexuality has been retrained to yearn penetration and your brain has been bathed in estrogens, you will naturally begin to think more and more of cock.  At this stage my role will be to help you accept this inevitable transition.   You will be trained in how to orally service and how to give pleasure when being penetrated.

Progress Tracking:  Through daily tracking of your feminization process, video training such as walking classes, chastity key holding, hypnosis programming and makeup tutorials.

Those that enroll in this program will realize their true Sissy side and embrace it.

  1. *   Wardrobe Direction
  2. *   Online Video Training
  3. *   Makeup Tutorial
  4. *   Movement & Gestures
  5. *   Walking Classes 
  6. *   Diet and Exercise
  7. *   Hair Care 
  8. *   Skin Care Tutorial 
  9. *   Sissy Shopping 
  10. *   Sissy Hypnosis Programming
  11. *   Sissy Feminine Image update's  
  12. *   Resexualization
  13. *   Chastity Training
  14. *   Daily Progress Monitoring
  15. *   Monthly Calendar

The Sissy Online Training consist of:






  • Monthly Calendar 

  • Building Sissy Confidence

  • How to become a Great sissy

  • Into: Type of Sissy  ( Sissy Slut ) & ( Sissy Whore) 

  • Rules of A Sissy

  • Sissy Etiquette

  • Sissy Hygiene

  • Health & Nutrition 

  • Makeup shopping 

  • Sissy Hypnosis 

  • Make up 911

  • Walking Classes Video

  • Sissy in Training Outfits 

  • Butt plug Training 



  • Sissy Maid training 

  • Step 2 Makeup Video Techniques 

  • BDSM Sissy shop is required 

  • Hoe Bag and what to carry in it 

  • Sissy Dirty Talk 

  • Must wear bra and panties 

  • Waxing 

  • Tucking 

  • Voice Training 

  • Cock Worship 

  • Health, Hair & Nails

  • Shoe Shopping

  • Sissy Progress Update and Mentoring 



  • Corset Training

  • Bra Panties & Heels

  • Feminization

  • Sissification

  • Advanced makeup video 

  • Chasity Training 

  • Online walking classes 

  • Techniques of motion and gestures

  • Facial expression

  • Subduction Choreography 

  • BBC Training 

  • How to carry yourself in public as a good sissy

  • Meet & Greet Practices 

  • Sissy Progress Update and Mentoring 

  • Social Media Networking Activity


Some of my highly requested services include

Private Sissy Online Training Sessions 

Sissy Online shopping 

Image consultation & Make over online 

Online walking classes 


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