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  Boot Fetish Lovers 

This page is dedicated to all subs who can appreciate a nice pair of dirty sexy Dirty Boots worn your empress, Egyptianroyalty. 

boots low res.jpg

Boot Worshipping 

Boot fetish seem pretty popular in BDSM activities. For instance most subs loving seeing a beautiful Domina in sexy thigh high boots.

Boot worship is defiantly a fetish I enjoy. Actually It's also one of the many fetishes of mine. I love and enjoy watching my sub as they worship my Boots or Shoes and I mea the dirty ones. Lick it clean. It's seams very common in Femdom. 


As your empress in charge just know that, I expect you to buy a pair of boots for you to worship on me. I love to wears a pair of sexy boots, and i may demand my submissive in present, to lick or kiss all over them in worshipping.

In fact, I know there are many subs who seek out pro dommes specifically because they desire to be erotically used in such a Kinky way.


Boots & Trampling 

This is a sort of apart of Boot fetish that can extend beyond worship into erotic pain. Image me wearing a sexy Stiletto heeled boot and using the heel too pinch a Subs body or just simply trying to leave a mark. I may actually want to walk on my sub and can do it without causing permanent damage If I want.

In some extreme cases, i may crush or otherwise hurt a submissive’s genitals with my heels as part of the play, a practice known as cock and ball torture when the submissive is a man, and If you’re Lucky. I may use your Tongue for a good boot shine. I love subs into Service Maid type submission. Licking Cleaning and shining my dirty boots. You never know, it might be something you may enjoy and start too incorporated into your play. But of course, you can engage in a Boot fetish without it being an extreme forms of play. 

P.s I Have Boots that need worshipping.

Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focused on boots. Boots have become the object of sexual attraction amounting to fetishism for some Submissive and they have become a standard accessory in BDSM scenes like leather, latex and PVC boots are one Most favored in  BDSM and the Fashion world as a fashion accessory. Boots are seen as perhaps the most fetishistic of all footwear and boots may be the most popular fetish clothing attire around the world. Hope you enjoy my boots bitch.

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