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A session is a magical experience where you will have not only a delightful time, but learn about this exciting lifestyle while exploring your own affinities.  With seven years’ within the scene, I strive to give you a memorable  experience.  By taking time to fill out the session application included on this site, you will provide me with the information I need to craft a session specifically designed to be truly meaningful to you.  Sessions frequently contain one or more of the following genres:


Bondage:  Your submission will be all the more complete when you are bound with ropes, chains, cages or any number of different restraint devices and completely vulnerable.  For an extra thrill try combining bondage with abandonment!


Worship:  Paying homage to your dominant through foot, leg and boot worship will permit you to show your devotion.  If you prove yourself skilled, you may even be granted access to my exquisite behind.


Fetishes:  Nylons, high heels, corsets, latex, leather, fur, food and sploshing to just name a few can add an erotic flavor to any session.  I enjoy it when slaves share a new fetish with me.  A slave once shared a cashmere fetish and I was in heaven!  

Foot and leg worship:  I love having my feet and my long legs worshiped and licked.  No telling what I might have been doing before our session, perhaps a workout or a barefoot walk through the park.  That will not be your concern.  Your job will be to completely clean them.

Dominatrix Egyptian Royalty stands in front of human cage

Training:  Perhaps your interests lie in developing yourself in terms of slavery, feminization, corset, maid and domestic services.


Medical:  I will examine and experiment on you.  Have you ever tried electrical play, sounds, catheters, staples and sutures?  I specialize in giving "manginas" to the most dedicated.


Corporal:  We may decide to test your submission through corporal punishment, CBT, ballbusting or trampling.  Can you withstand the continuous dripping of hot wax?

Role Play:  Is there a delightfully erotic scenario you would like us to enact?

Humiliation:  Erotic embarrassment may be just the remedy for stronger egos.  Will your ego be able to handle my laughter when I see your snail sized manhood?  Humiliation  may be verbal, physical or public. 

Puppy/Pony/Piggy Play:  Do you enjoy spending time in the dog house, literally.  Will you curl up at my feet while chewing your dog bone?  Will you fetch your lease so that I can take you out for your walk?  Or perhaps you wish to be bridled and ridden.

Sensory Play:  The body is a playground for the skilled, as I apply pressure, caresses, hot, cold, sharp and luxuriant sensations across your body.

Tease and Denial:  In the presence of a true Goddess of sublime beauty, you will crave my attentions.  But how will you feel when I tease and then Deny you?

Limits:  Be aware that there will be no sex, nor any illegal activities.  I do not participate in scat, asphyxiation, or cutting.

Responsibilities of the submissive:  Please read and take note of these requirements:  

-   Regardless of the roles you play in your regular life, in our sessions you are to act 100% submissive, compliant and respectful.  I do not tolerate “topping from the bottom.”  

-   Be aware that I am a natural dominant, I do not switch under any circumstances.  

-   You will address me as “Empress" .  Practice this before our meeting.  

-  You are to be entirely sober, lucid and free from intoxicating substances when you come to serve me.   

 - Arrive showered, cleansed and with fresh breath.  If this is not possible, discuss this with me beforehand .

 - While I do not require you to be fully shaven from the neck down, please be aware that dedicated submissives maintain themselves in this way.  At the minimum, please ensure that any pubic hair is neatly trimmed.   

-  Do not use strong fragrances.

- You will not touch me without specific instructions.    

- All communication is considered confidential and private. It is the responsibility of both of us to not share  any of our communications. 

The Session Process


-  Social Media DMs and Email communication:      As a professional Domme, my presence on social media is to facilitate the scheduling of real time sessions, and I am available to answer questions to that aim.  Unfortunately, there are many on here who merely want to discuss their fantasies, ad nauseam with no intention to session, other than to provide themselves with mental material to fantasize about. Truthfully I would rather dedicate that time to my dedicated slaves who do come to see me in person.

Booking a session:  After we have agreed upon a date and time, a deposit is required to reserve that appointment.  The deposit compensates me for the time invested in booking the session and is not refundable.  But, please be secure in the knowledge that I have been a professional dominatrix for many years and I do not miss or postpone sessions once the appointment has been agreed upon.  You will be asked to confirm the appointment several hours beforehand, at which time  I will provide you with my phone number and directions to my area.  When you arrive, you will call and I will provide you with the exact address.  This is done to ensure that you do not arrive early, during my preparation for you.


Location: When visiting New York, I  have session locations available to me When Traveling. My Atlanta, Ga. dungeon is currently  Opened for sessions . Yesss Goddess Is located in atlanta ga Smyrna Area.


Double Domme Sessions:  For those wishing a more intense experience, Double Domme sessions are available along with prominent  Dominas such As Angel Novalia.  (Additional Fee required).  Or other Dommes i may be working with during the time.

Online Training:  For those who are distant from my dungeons, my Contact Info page contains the link to my Niteflirt account.  We will need to arrange a time by email.

Tribute:   Required for my time only and varies slightly by location.  I will discuss tribute with you separately.  It roughly equates to what you would invest in a nice date, comprising dinner and a play.  However, I promise that you will find my session much more memorable and more satisfying than your standard date on the town. 

Please note: There will be no sex nor illegal activities. Tribute paid is for my time and companionship only.

Caged Slave
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