Egyptian Royalty  Panties for sale 

  worn by Egyptian Royalty

Panties are one of the Sexy joys of  living, and a perfect way to pamper yourself. Purchase panties which have been worn by Egyptian Royalty during her daily activities. Enjoy the smell of her scent, after exercising on her roller blades or weekend activities which might include whipping a slave. 

Just imagine the joy of unwrapping the panties that Egyptian Royalty chose for you to receive and the first time you get to inhale her exotic scent. 


And for my Sissy sluts, I feel Every Sissy slut  should be wearing panties... it is absolutely mandatory for my sissies to wear panties 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!  And ... if you can fit into one of my tiny panties... more the better. 

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