You Can't Get This at Starbucks

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I was getting up each morning earlier than Egyptian Royalty. She was recovering from Jet Lag and some fairly late nights. After a couple of cups of coffee and some time on the computer I went to take my morning shower, as we had a full day of photoshoots planned.

Dressed and ready for the day, I found Egyptian Royalty was stirring, I greeted her with a “Good Morning” and continued into the kitchen for more of my morning pot of coffee. Upon placing it to my lips... I realized that it tasted a bit odd. Was it my toothpaste?... or Damn! I put my nose closer to the brew and there was a pungent smell. It smelled... well… it smelled like piss!

“I put my nose closer to the brew and there was a pungent smell."

I glanced up at Egyptian Royalty, who was watching me intently.

"Did you piss in my coffee?" I asked.

"I piss in your coffee every morning. This is just the first morning you noticed. Up until today you have been drinking down the pot without noticing a thing.” Was her reply.

It was then that the story came out. Each morning she would awake to my morning shower and having to use the toilet, she just decided to use my coffee maker instead. In fact, she stated that the warmth coming up from the pot always felt good. I couldn't believe it!

And the next morning? You guessed it, same taste. Egyptian Royalty was making a habit of relieving herself each morning into my Cup of Joe!

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