When things go very wrong

As Evil as it is Dangerous!

We were going out to the Citadel, one of the BDSM clubs in downtown San Francisco. Before leaving, she went to her “tool box” and removed a black leather zippered pouch which I knew held a most sinister looking device…. A locking butt plug.

These things came out a few years ago, a metal plug with a piston down the center which when depressed would spread the petals outward inside the rectum to lock it in place and make removal impossible. The piston had a lock which then would require a key to retract the petals. Quite scary it is. Bending me over and adding lube, she pushed the heavy metal device into my ass. As she pushed the piston inwards, I felt it expanding and stretching my insides apart. Yikes, this was going to be a long night.

I was in a little discomfort driving downtown, as my weight pushed down on the plunger throughout the trip, but when standing, the device was… tolerable.

Later that night, upon returning home, she bent me back over to remove it. She grabbed the piston end, removed the tiny locking padlock and then I heard some of the most terrifying words I had ever heard!

“It won’t retract.”


“The plunger won’t retract!”

I couldn’t believe it! The petals must have been caught in the folds of my rectum and were not retracting! I began to panic! OMG! What if we couldn’t get it out?!!

My mind instantly conjured up a remembrance of the old story of Richard Gere who had allegedly once had a Gerbil inserted in his ass and had to go to the emergency hospital to have it removed. Images of having to go to the emergency room and explain my predicament was terrifying to me. Even then, how would they go about removing it?

“So what did you do this weekend?’

“Ah… I had to have a C-Section on my ass…”

Eventually, Egyptian Royalty was able to get the petals closed and remove the horrific device. Immediately, I desired to throw the damned thing away, but Egyptian Royalty disallowed this, and the sinister device currently sits in its black leather pouch waiting for Egyptian Royalty to find herself in a particularly evil mood and to use it on some unsuspecting victim.

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