The Danger of Black Henna

We were walking through the passageway between the Excalibur and New York-New York hotels and came across a henna stand where Egyptian Royalty stopped to look at designs. She asked a few questions of the female artist running the booth and instructed me to hold out my arm and then look away. A menthol stick was rubbed across the inside of my right forearm and moments later, the artist began to write in large script the term “Black-Owned”.

I must admit that I got a bit of a kick out of it and I smiled broadly as Egyptian Royalty had a large Egyptian Ankh placed onto her arm. It was lovely and quite becoming on her and I was quite happy with this little delay to our evening out. But, that wasn't all: I could see a brainstorm cross Goddess’s face and then a very scary smile. She whispered to the artist, who herself gave a little chuckle, then proceeded to my left side and pulled the hair away from the side of my neck. The Black Henna was going to be placed very visibly on my neck!

Now, I will say that I have played with this evil substance before and well... it does not go away quickly. Six weeks is the average on my skin and I was terrified by what was being placed in such a visible location.

I wasn't permitted a mirror and I did my best to look away from others as we later proceeded into the New York-New York casino. At one bar a woman had spotted my neck artwork and quickly leaned over to tell the man she was with “Yikes". I wondered What was so attention grabbing?

Sitting at the slots, a couple of young ladies did a double take after seeing my neck art and I was beside myself. Egyptian Royalty wanted a Starbucks, so we went in and well, the clerk got the full view, whatever that might be. I almost excused myself to go the restroom to see what had been done to my neck. But well.... At this point I wasn't sure that I wanted to know! I was telling myself to just forget about it and "act normal”.

I spotted it in the reflection on the glass and well... I couldn't believe it. There on my neck in dark black, read the message: “$5 blow jobs” I couldn't believe it! How was I going to go out in public with this message on my neck? And... HOW WAS I GOING TO GO TO WORK? But good thing we were on vacation. So I had time for it to wear off.

Of course for the rest of the night, Egyptian Royalty was delighted to point out her message... to the taxi driver... to the strippers at the strip club we stopped at. Everyone got a big chuckle from it!

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