The Business Man's Confession

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

In my professional life I am the boss. My daily grind puts me in charge over many employees, but inside I know that I desire to be a sissy. My ultimate fantasy is to be subservient to a special and classy Dominatrix. After sessioning with multiple Doms and feeling unsatisfied, I stumbled upon Egyptian Royalty. Still looking for fulfillment to my fantasy, I booked a session.

I went on her website, filled out an application, sent in my deposit and we scheduled a session based on her available time. It was scheduled for a day that I would normally be at work, so I left for “work” wearing my sissy panties under my business suit.

What a breathtaking session with Egyptian Royalty! I have sessioned with many doms and BY FAR, Egyptian Royalty is the BEST! She assigned me to go to the nail salon before our session and have a mani/pedi done in a fuchsia pink. This was quite humiliating and very exciting. She also insisted that I walk around and show all the patrons in the salon the finished product! This was especially exciting as I showed off my nails to the college aged girls getting their nails done. I then had to drive to the session in my pedicure slippers!

At the start of our session, Egyptian Royalty dressed me in lingerie, but left my tie on and put a ball gag in my mouth. My genitals were whipped until I begged for mercy. After removing the ball gag, she pulled my tie using it as a leash and forced my head to her feet to give me the honor of worshiping her beautifully pedicured feet and long freshly manicured nails. My man meat was then tied up and I was told to focus on servicing her big black dildo. Egyptian Royalty then showed me who was in charge by plunging her big black strap-on deep inside my sissy mouth bringing me to my subspace. I watched my manicured fingernails slide back and forth on her black strap-on which got me even more excited. To top it off, Egyptian Royalty called her nail technician/friend during this and the technician described in detail to her the scene that had gone on at the nail salon.

...Unforgettable experience!

Sissy Steve

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