Slave receives Egyptian Royalty's Signature Nails

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

It was time for Egyptian Royalty to have her nails redone with her trademark purple iridescent nails. Only a couple of places in town have the necessary ingredients and after finding that the first location was booked up, we headed over to the backup salon.

As is common, she was ushered over to the wall of chairs with foot baths to begin with her pedicure. I was placed in the chair to her immediate left so that we could converse.

Turning to her technician Egyptian Royalty said, “And I want her nails done too.”

I slunk in my chair with Egyptian Royalty's use of the female pronoun, then the technician gives me a WTF double take. Egyptian Royalty's technician gets a cute little Vietnamese girl by the name of Li who comes over to do my pedicure. Egyptian Royalty repeats her direction of wanting my nails to be done just like hers.

“Color?”, the girl asks.

“And length, She’ll need acrylics as well.” Egyptian Royalty replied.

The girl gives a little smile and begins to fill the foot bath with warm water. I slide lower in my chair. The salon was busy and I knew I was going to attract more than a little attention.

When it came time for me to move over to have my hands done, the owner-manager took over and began to place the long talons onto my hands. They went on in a series of steps and the long-lasting gel was applied multiple times. She layered the top acrylic coat over the nails, making them quite thick. I knew these nails were staying on for the long term. It would likely take a jackhammer to take these nails off. I could tell that Egyptian Royalty was saying to herself, “If this bitch wants nails, I will give her extra long nails that won’t come off.”

The nails ended up even a bit longer than Egyptian Royalty's. This caused me untold challenges in the weeks to come. Not only did my typing slow down from 80 to about 5 words per minute, but even the easiest of tasks, such as buttoning a button would take three times longer. Worst of all was when filling up the car with gas. After I inserting the credit card in the pump, I was inevitably unable to quickly pull the card out, causing a mis-read, "Egyptian Royalty would you mind helping me with my credit card?” She would then reply “You wanted them, Now you got them”.

As it turned out, over the course of the next two weeks, I don’t think I ever received so many compliments ever in my life. Ladies ranging from Hotel desk clerks, to retail store cashiers to Dommes made continuous remarks of how incredible our nails looked. I had no idea that long painted nails could be such a “chick-magnet.”

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