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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas!... but I guess that was before Social Media!

I guess it is fair to warn submissives that when you take on the role of a personal slave, that your life will go in directions you never imagined. I've had various titles over the years: Manager, athlete, businessman, educator, Rock-star, musician... but never "Slave".

The #littlewhiteweddingchapel is quite a landmark in Las Vegas, ... right up there with Elvis, the Rat Pack and Wayne Newton. We showed up for our appointment as scheduled and were ushered into a large fitting room to pick out a wedding dress.

Undressing and then positioning the wedding dress to step into it was my first challenge. I must admit that stepping into the gown with a large train, covered in chiffon and lace, gave me a moment to pause and think. "What an amazing journey I was on!"

Not wanting to parade around Vegas in full makeup, I had brought a makeup bag. After putting on my gown, it was time to carefully apply makeup. The wedding planners were already grumbling and rushing us as they had a full night of weddings ahead.. I had the fun job of throwing on my makeup at lightening speed because of them rushing us. I put all my makeup on, except for my last minute decision to #fuckthelashes. I was able to emerge from the dressing room with eye shadow on my eyelids and lip color on my lips. I came to understand that it is because of pre-wedding jitters and nervousness, which has made the wedding veil so important. It covers all the #makeupfuckups!

Pictures would be first. I must admit that the photographer was very cool and thought my "wedding" was funny. The team of wedding planners was dignified enough to keep us on a schedule , and at the same time keep an eye on the proceedings which even in Vegas was quite an unusual occurrence.

At completion of the proceedings, which included the signing of the wedding license, I thought it wise to tone down my makeup a bit and asked a wedding planner for a restroom where I could remove a bit of my eye-makeup. She replied that they were on a tight schedule and the next Bride was using the bathroom.

So I asked what she suggested that I do. She replied that I could go up to the Stratosphere Casino where there was another bathroom. WTF!!!???? That is when Las Vegas saw a Bridezilla the likes of which it never ever imagined!

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