My First meeting with my Goddess

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

  At a time when I was emotionally lost, I wandered online and happened upon my future Empress. My first email to her was simple enough.

  February 22, 2012

                           “ Mistress,,,,,,,                              may I serve you                              John”

It started as an online diversion, but quickly became a quest to please Her!      I thought that I was in control.  It was fun to play the submissive.  Apparently, She had other plans. She immediately changed my name to Johanna…      There was once when I cancelled an order from Amazon of something for Her... she threatened to leave me forever… she was MAD… I reordered the item… and begged for forgiveness. I was hopelessly ensnared in her web.  That was the moment when “She” became “Egyptian Royalty” my Empress for life. Our first meeting was April 8, 2012, a Sunday.  I drove to Brooklyn... I waited outside for what seemed like a very long time and then Egyptian Royalty arrived to let me into the building.  I was very nervous, I felt out of place.  I will admit that this was the 1st time in my life where I was the only white person in a room full of people.  Everyone, and especially , Egyptian Royalty made me feel welcome.  Egyptian Royalty never once faltered in her position over me... to her, I, an elderly male, was Johanna.         We went to Home Depot, she picked out lighting fixtures, which I bought and later installed for her.  She then provided some “suitable clothing”  for me to wear and did my makeup, added a wig and we went out into the night... I do remember walking past some policemen who just laughed... it was a blur of having fun. I slept in a hallway on a leaky air mattress. (I had wished to be able to sleep at the foot of her bed, but realistically she didn’t know that I would never harm her)      The following day, back to Home Depot, me still with some makeup on, more light fixtures, after which Egyptian Royalty decided that I had earned a treat… Goddess asked which stockings I would prefer, then she added her strap on.  Somehow I knew what to do and immediately had the strap on in my mouth… I was in heaven… Egyptian Royalty made me stop, lifted my skirt and she then took me to My Sub Space. I had never felt pleasure such as this…      Over the years our relationship has evolved.  I find that I need to feel her control over me on a steady basis... and I see no reason to change that… she is my EMPRESS for the rest of my life.


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