Meeting in person after over 5 years of online sessions

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

We planned to meet in Brooklyn on a Saturday. I drove up to North Jersey on Friday so that I would be close to Brooklyn. Saturday morning I hadn’t heard from Egyptian Royalty in 3 days. I was very afraid that she had changed her plans and we would not be able to meet today. But, at 10:30, she texts me... I’m elated… she gives me a new address. My GPS says an hour and a half…

I had an ETA of 12:30 when I departed to meet Egyptian Royalty for the first time in over 5 years. I was very nervous that since we had had a 2 dimensional relationship for so long that there wouldn’t be the magic when meeting in 3 dimensions. New York traffic gave me even more time to fret. I didn’t arrive until 1:31. I texted Egyptian Royalty that I was outside of the building, she replied that she was coming. By 1:55 I was frustrated that she still hadn’t arrived (apparently she got lost getting out of the apartment building), but then my Empress for life walked around the corner of the building. Looking at her beauty, any frustration that I had just melted away. Egyptian Royalty entered my car and we hugged, somewhat to reinforce to each other that we were 3 dimensional. I inhaled her fragrance, but didn’t want to hold the hug too long... she IS my Empress.

We drove to the mall, which of course has a Victoria’s Secret. We enter the mall and Egyptian Royalty tells me that I need to put my bra on, so into the bathroom I go. Now Egyptian Royalty is ready to go shopping. In Victoria’s Secret Egyptian Royalty is looking thru the panties for styles of her liking, then I am looking thru the panties for her size.

At one point, Egyptian Royalty asks if I am going to buy a bra. I answer that I thought we were buying for her... I had deflected from getting fitted for a bra... and it was not mentioned again. I feel that the next time we meet there will be no escape from me being fitted for a bra in Victoria’s Secret.

More shopping in various stores. Then time to leave the mall and find some food. Red Lobster was packed with a line outside, so we drove to The Outback where we were seated right away...

We ordered, we chatted, we had fun being together...

We are somewhat of an odd couple, since our age difference is very extensive.

We drive back to the apartment house where Egyptian Royalty was staying. Egyptian Royalty assists me taking my bra off at the trunk of the car. Then we start to say goodbye, and we hug, and then hug again, and again and I think one more long hug that Egyptian Royalty initiated. We didn’t want to part, but it was getting dark and I had a 90 minute drive ahead of me. Egyptian Royalty insisted that I call her after I arrived safely where I was staying, which of course I did. Then I had a bonus. When I took my shirt off I caught a hint of her fragrance which immediately put a smile on my face, remembering the lovely day we had together.

I am looking forward to our next meeting.

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