Mangina … Losing one's Manhood

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Losing your Penis can be quite traumatic, so if this is something you're interested in know that it will take time. The loss of your penis may not be permanent, but that is hardly consolation when you will go weeks without seeing or feeling your penis.

If you are interested in this medical play procedure, know that you will be required to have completed the Sissy Training Program and sign a contract with Egyptian Royalty requesting the mangina procedure be performed on your person.

Egyptian Royalty had tied me securely to the bondage table, far tighter than was common. I definitely did not know what was in store for me. I knew things would be getting serious when she began by banding my testicles with an elastrator… , now I was on a timetable. This tight band, which cuts off circulation to the testicles, will cause them to die if left on for too long. Egyptian Royalty was playing for keeps!

Next came the second of the evil castration tools, the burdizzo. She tightened the clamp around my balls then took a moment to gaze into my eyes. I looked back at her, my breath held, as I knew that the wrong return look could be devastating. Egyptian Royalty has no desire to harm me, yet I knew that anything less than a humble, pleading look back would cause her to clamp down, bringing the dreaded crunch as the cords are crushed. I didn't want to be misinterpreted so I laid my head back down. Shortly thereafter I felt cream being smoothed over my genitals, then a clamp on my penis. She pushed my penis back up into my body… then the stings of sterilized medical staples… the endorphins and adrenaline took control as I entered into Subspace.

I was told by both Egyptian Royalty and the videographer that it was crazy. When I came out of Subspace I was being untied from the table by Egyptian Royalty. I slowly swung my legs over and sat up, still in my high. My genitals had a painful throb from the Medical Staples, and as I looked down between my legs… it was gone! My genitals were gone! Oh my God! In their place was a seam of medical staples holding my scrotal sack together to form a vagina… a "mangina." My God, I had no cock from what i could see!

When I asked, in a fearful tone, whether she intended on removing the staples, she laughed and admitted that she had applied over 30 staples and that "fucker" wasn't going to be seen for a very very long time, perhaps NOT until our next session! FUCK! She prefers her slaves in chastity. Sadly I had not been happy with my device and had been removing it a couple of times a month, hoping that she wouldn't notice. Now I had no doubt that she knew all along what I had done and this form of ultimate chastity, securing my genitals deep within my abdomen, was a form of payback.

"Defy me, bitch, and you will see what happens!"

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