Domcon 2018 - Tough Love Bitch

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Tough Love Bitch - Whatever Egyptian Royalty Wants... She will Get!

It was 6:30pm by the time we arrived at the DomCon 2018 headquarter hotel and the registration desk was already closed. We checked into our Suite and went to the executive lounge for some snacks. It was 7:00pm and Egyptian Royalty had a half hour to get ready before the shuttle left for the Red Carpet and Opening Ceremonies. She sent me out to get her Wine. It was 7:15pm when I returned and she hit me with the bombshell:

“Put on a dress and makeup!”

“In fifteen minutes?” Now mind you, I can put on femme-wear, makeup and go out that way…. (after a couple of stiff drinks), but 2 hours is the usual for me to get ready. There wasn’t any way I was getting ready in 15 minutes. She was not happy at all with my response… but let it slide, at least for the time being.

The Sanctuary was full this evening and Mistress Cyan was up on the stage graciously presenting a number of Dominas with awards and recognition. It had been about 7 years since I had last attended a DomCon and could tell that the event had grown considerably in the intervening years. The Red Carpet was actually a room set up on the side with a Photo wall and a professional photographer taking pictures of the dozens of Dominas who were present. Egyptian Royalty glided up for her pictures. Her modeling background showed itself with one after another fantastic photo with her enchanting smile.

The Domcon evening was filled with entertainment, always providing something interesting to witness. But some of the real shows occurred out on the smoking patio where more than a dozen at a time were squeezed into the fenced off area where the conversation was unfiltered and many a lucky sub was used for foot worship or as a footstool.

The following day was a rough one as Egyptian Royalty was apparently set on teaching me a lesson for not getting dressed from the previous evening. Egyptian Royalty was up too late to make the first planned seminar. She had lunch during the second seminar and was making plans to do a photoshoot with a young lady thereafter. I was kept running errands. I understood that today I was truly back in the “doghouse”. I was getting quite worked up and by the time I was sent to a drug store for several items, I said to Egyptian Royalty that it had been a painful afternoon!

That evening we left the convention and drove to Hollywood where we enjoyed a dinner at the Yamashiro Pagoda in the Hollywood hills. We stopped by DomCon’s fetish party afterwards, but the lateness of our visit precluded any “special sissy clothing” on my part. I don’t think Egyptian Royalty was happy about that but she understood that it was too late to worry about what I looked like.

The next day was the Pro-Domme photograph and it was amazing to see so many Domina’s on the garden terrace having a group picture taken. Egyptian Royalty stayed behind to socialize while I made my way up to our room to begin my makeup. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to get dressed that evening. After a short while Egyptian Royalty came up to the suite and began her own preparation for the evening. We drank wine and laughed and finally got back to some normalcy.

I was wearing a fully latex coquettish black and red dress with cleavage, corseted with red and black latex stockings. For footwear I wore black ankle boots and in case Egyptian Royalty wanted to bind me to something, both wrist and ankle cuffs. The evening went well and I could tell there was a definite change in how I was received by the Dominas there, who would freely come up and begin conversations about my outfit, my sparkly makeup or my iridescent nails. Thanks to Egyptian Royalty for helping me in my sissy shopping and styling for the Event.

Taking me back into one of the session rooms, Egyptian Royalty proceeded to lead me to a St. Andrew’s cross where she secured me, took out her bullwhip and proceeded to give my backside a beating. I was surprised at how very expert she was with her bullwhip, and my latex dress provided little buffer as her whip cracked on my backside, accumulating one welt after another. We attracted a small audience and by the time I was let loose I was in my Subspace.

Three side rooms were another improvement from the days when play occurred in a large open room such as early Domcon LA ballrooms or at the Alanta Domcons, where many would stay in the main room. With such large audiences, scenes could sometimes regress to circus shows. But in this facility, there was a degree of privacy with only a limited audience who could view from the door.

A little later, a male latex-clad sub came up and asked if he could serve Egyptian Royalty and me. So we went through with the session. I Was quite confident that I would give this poor-unsuspecting sub the experience of his life and show him what kind of slave I was, if Egyptian Royalty would allow me.

It was late in the evening by the time that we got into the car for the drive back to Northern California. Egyptian Royalty's tough love treatment of me was over, for now, after I tried my best to obey her and do as she said when she said to…including feminizing my appearance for the evening. I knew that after returning to San Francisco I would likely be spending quite a bit of time in dresses. Domcon has come a long ways in the 15 years since its introduction and Mistress Cyan deserves thanks from the entire community for hosting this wonderful event.

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