Creep Show

Visit to Los Angeles' Lair de Sade Club

Egyptian Royalty's Trip to the West Coast had been a lot of fun. We had taken a weekend to drive down to Los Angeles and checked into the Universal Hilton. They have a shuttle that takes guests up to CityWalk and that is where we found ourselves on this particular evening. As usual it was busy. We were over at the entrance to the Park when the blow up occurred. Yes, innocent though I thought my action had been, she went off on me as I had never seen her do before… in front of thousands of spectators. I was unable to keep my cool and I also went off on Egyptian Royalty.

I was pretty nasty! It took us a good amount of time and dinner at Margaritaville (where we did a bit of venting on the manager), before we settled down. We decided to continue our evening’s plan of going over to Lair de Sade that evening. Lair is a private BDSM club which I have belonged to for many years, but had not been there in close to 10 years.

Lair is in a built out home with a patio on the side where members can come, socialize and play. There are rooms of equipment which make most private dungeons seem fairly stark. I was, by now, on my most meek and submissive behavior as I wanted to reverse the earlier ugliness and show that I was going to willingly accept whatever she had in mind for me. I only hoped that severe punishment was not on her agenda.

We started in the kitchen with wine and cheese and of course the members were falling over themselves to come and start up a conversation with Egyptian Royalty who was simply dazzling in a skin tight catsuit of sequins and transparent material. I was more conservative, but carried a bag with a cut out catsuit of my own.

Leaving me in the kitchen, Egyptian Royalty went out onto the patio where she struck up a conversation with a black gentleman, of which there were a number at the club, including the proprietor and owner. So I continued a conversation with a middle-aged guy about music and how he had tried to teach his boy to take up the violin… you got it…. One of those party conversations you get into because you are bored to death.

Egyptian Royalty ordered me into the main room where I was to get dressed and prepare myself. So, dutiful as I was, I went into a large room which had cages, a stage and various equipment. At the end of the room was a TV playing porn, I positioned myself in front of the TV and began to undress. Now mind you, I am not a big fan of porn and I am less of a fan of being a voyeur into other people’s business, but there was a lesbian couple playing on the left side of the room and another couple in the back of the room.

It took me a bit to struggle into my black catsuit with cut-outs over the breasts, crotch and ass. As I was alone in front of the porn, I was feeling like a class A pervert. Then the musician guy came in and sat down in the back of the room by himself, no doubt waiting for a show to begin, probably curious about my dressing alone and probably astonished by my appearance.

Before too long, Egyptian Royalty came in, took a look around, decided the atmosphere was not to her liking and took me back outside where we sat at a table, smoked a cigarette and again attracted more party guests. With my tits, cock and ass hanging out, I did my very best to act “cool”. But, before long, Egyptian Royalty ran out of cigarettes and sent me into the crowd to bum a smoke. Yikes, so here I am going around to various people, bouncing all genres of private parts and asking for a cigarette… doing my best to act natural.

After Egyptian Royalty had consumed the smoke I had at last retrieved for her, she took me into the back metal shed which itself was filled with equipment. She got me on my knees, then had me crawl over to a doghouse where she placed me inside. An elderly black man came in and she started up a conversation with him. He had been a jazz musician and was quite hard of hearing. He made it known that he was a sadist and loves to whip his female subs.

So… Egyptian Royalty retrieves me from the doghouse… (which I had been in all evening apparently). I was worried that Egyptian Royalty would be taking advantage of the skills of her new friend. She secured me to a chain spider web on one wall and took her whip out to give me a couple of painful jolts. She then turned to her new friend and asked him to continue. He took a bit of coaching and kept saying that he only played with women. Egyptian Royalty made sure to point out to him my full chest and told him that I WAS a girl.

He was obviously confused, but proceeded to place some very skillful lash marks on me. I was flinching and trying to sink into the chains of the spiderweb to detach myself from this physical reality.

Some time later, she unhooked me, led me to a side room where she bent me over a horse, donned her strap-on and proceeded to enter me. We were attracting another crowed as both the musician and an older navy guy with a USS-something or other on his hat sat down and I kid you not, unbuttoned their pants, pulled themselves out and started masturbating to me being fucked.

So, I should say that Egyptian Royalty wields a strap-on with more power and “penicular precision” than the most experienced of bachelors. I don’t know how she would fare in a one on one match with Hugh Hefner, but I would put my money on Egyptian Royalty. She is powerful, thrusts like a locomotive and has the energy capacity of the “Energizer Bunny”!

Here I am, bent over and being fucked like a home-cuming queen on Prom Night and these creepy dudes are wanking! (No, I am not English but the term fits). She eventually pulls out, being uncomfortable herself with this creepy atmosphere, takes me back outside where she puts me over another horse and starts afresh.

“Oh-oh-oh-oh, E-gyp-tian Roy-al-ty, th-the-the-they r-r-r-r ba-ba-ba-back!”

Yup, the Senior Citizen Stroking Squadron had followed us. The musician took the hint from Egyptian Royalty's glare and quickly left, but old USS-Penis was there as was the older black jazz musician. Losing her mood, Egyptian Royalty pulled out and began a conversation with the jazz musician trying her best to convince him to pull out his dick and let her slave suck some black dick!

“AAAhhhh!” Did she actually propose that? But thank goodness, the God of Heterosexuality had not abandoned me despite my being reamed anally. The old man, bless his heart, refused, saying he was not into that. Apparently Egyptian Royalty's argument of my being a chick did not quite convince him, given the extra equipment between my legs.

So, unwilling to give up on her idea, she approached the Penis Petty Officer and Peeping Tom and asked him to whip out his cock to be sucked. He obliged and tried to get himself hard. Perhaps he had spent his total allotment of erection in the other room, but he was unable to do so. We now add pathetic to the alliteration as he began to make excuses, “oh, I normally don’t have this problem”.

So despite Egyptian Royalty pushing my face into his crotch, we failed to give her the show she intended, and I was feeling a bit “good about life”. I reminded myself, from years before, that most subs are fuck-ups. Sometimes Dominas, for the execution of their evil schemes, require additional subs, well, chances are the other subs are going to fuck up also.

We didn’t stay too long thereafter, having pretty mixed feelings as we left as to whether we would return. The facility is great. The Owner is cool, but these old stalkers made things just too much of a creep show.

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