Bra Fitting

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Egyptian Royalty custom fits her slave in Bra and Panties.

It was about 8:30 pm and Egyptian Royalty and I were walking through the Shopping area in back of the Venetian Hotel and Casino. We came across a Victoria's Secret and walked through the near empty store before exiting through the "Pink" label entrance. The Manager, a large black woman, was at the door flirting with a shopping area security guard. We couldn't help but notice that she was wearing black leggings at least three sizes too small for her. The material stretched across her ass was so taut that it was practically transparent, showing her thong underwear. Yech! Pausing in front of the store, Egyptian Royalty decided that we would go back in and have me fitted for a bra.

"Great", well at least the shop is not too busy.

The manager had disengaged from the security guard and Egyptian Royalty went up and said, "We need her fitted for a bra!"

The manager didn't bat an eye, took me to the side, pulled out her tape measure with the ease of a gunfighter unholstering his Colt 45 and proceeded to stretch the measure across my chest, then then up the slope of my breast.

“38D", she announces.

"38D," she announces with the boredom of a Denny's waitress confirming an order for a Burger and Fries. She then asked Egyptian Royalty which bra she wanted. Egyptian Royalty indicated a wine colored satin-esque model with see-through nude undertones.

"Did you want the regular or the push up?"

"The Push up" Egyptian Royalty answered.

"Oh wonderful," I am thinking. "I just can't show too much "tit" for her Majesty!" I consider with irony.

In the dressing room, while trying on the garment, both Egyptian Royalty and the sales girl were having a struggle to help me loosen up the bra straps. Egyptian Royalty and the sales girl finally both inspect and certify that the bra is fitting perfectly.

I was wearing so much foam, pushing up my tits, that the "Girls" could have been the USS Iowa and the USS Missouri sailing in battle formation!

Throwing my shirt on and exiting the changing room, the sales girl asked Egyptian Royalty, "Does she need anything else?"

"Oh yes, it's good you reminded me. She needs matching panties!."

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