Black Panther meets Slave Trump

Public Humiliation goes Viral!

“Black Panther” had been released and had caused quite a stir, especially with its popularity within the black community. Egyptian Royalty had attended its premier, but had arrived late and was eager to see the film again. We located a theater, bought tickets online and she ordered me into a suit for the event. This was quite a surprise, as she normally wants me femme'd up to go out, but she announced that she intended to add to the social media storm with some pictures and posts.

Pausing before leaving home, she reached up and clipped a leash onto my collar. It was clear that she intended to take me on leash as “The White Slave” to see Black Panther.

We watched the film and I found it quite entertaining, although admittedly I may have dozed off a bit during the back story. Emerging from the theater itself I knew that it was photo time, so I took a deep breath and made a vow that I was going to gracefully endure the upcoming humiliation of this photoshoot.

“If I was going to be the White Slave For entertainment, I had to do it rite”. LOL

There was a black guy at the entrance to the tunnel and Egyptian Royalty asked him if he was willing to take some pictures of us. Everyone had a great time watching the photos being taken, including Egyptian Royalty, the drafted photographer and myself. As for the social media... bam! The posts went viral, ricocheting both inside and outside of the black community through popular websites around the world. Let's hear it for Viral Public Humiliation!

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