A Frightening Story

Updated: Jan 10

I try to post fun and exciting stories here. Please forgive me for sharing something more on the serious side, but this story needs to be told. We must all remember to stay vigilant to the dangers facing the Dommes in our lives.

Egyptian Royalty and myself were attending DomCon LA this past weekend. During a workshop that Egyptian Royalty and myself had given on Domme Marketing we had met a colleague. Later that night we all met for after dinner drinks.

The following night we attended the Domme Social. This event was followed by the play party which Egyptian Royalty and myself were planning on attending. I left the social and went back to our room to dress in my sissy attire and apply my makeup. A little later Egyptian Royalty and our new friend came into the room. Egyptian Royalty told me that she had been invited to go to a club 15 minutes away to see a band play. A short diversion and they would be back in an hour, leaving plenty of time to go to the play party. All good.

Some 45 minutes later, I received a call from Egyptian Royalty. They were still in an Uber and the club was actually downtown LA, far away from the LAX hotel where we were staying. Egyptian Royalty had left one of her two phones in our hotel room and only had $60 cash on her, but was told by her colleague not to worry about the situation. I figured that all was still okay and that they would return around 11:30, not 10:00 as originally planned. I didn't have a concern.

Editor’s note: At this point there were enough red flags to mandate the need for a backup plan to get Egyptian Royalty back to her hotel….. just my opinion.

Around midnight I tried calling Egyptian Royalty on the phone that she had with her. The call went straight to voicemail .. hmmm. I glanced at the screen of the phone that she left behind and there was a message from her colleague saying that she had become separated from Egyptian Royalty and wanted to know where she was. I sent a message to her from my phone asking if she had found Egyptian Royalty yet. I got a reply from her, but it didn't really answer my question. I was starting to grow concerned. Egyptian Royalty was in the wrong part of a city that she didn’t know, late at night, her phone was dead, had little money on her and had become separated from the colleague that she had gone with.

That is when I started to crucify myself. Why hadn't I gone with them? I was trying to get undressed as quickly as possible since I knew Egyptian Royalty might be in trouble. I removed my makeup and dressed normally, got my car from the valet and started the long trip to downtown LA. I knew that she had gone to the “Regency" but which Regency? I headed for the Hyatt.

It was about 2 am when I got a call from Egyptian Royalty. She had returned to the LAX hotel where we were staying and she was more upset than I had ever experienced. She told me a story that I could hardly believe!

Egyptian Royalty had been asked backstage by the manager of the band. When the band stopped playing, Egyptian Royalty was unable to find her colleague anywhere. She had a dead phone and $60 cash.

Egyptian Royalty left the club and flagged a car with an Uber sign on it. Since her phone was dead, she had to flag down the driver rather than order a ride on the internet. She asked the driver to take her to our hotel at LAX, promising to give him cash. On the drive, she used the charger in the car to start charging her phone. It was a little later that she commented that the car was not heading back to the airport. The guy stated that he was taking her to see some of his friends. She wanted no part of that. She told the driver that she was going to take her phone now with the little charge it had and call someone to come get her. It was at this point that the driver snatched the phone from her hand and said she wasn't calling anyone. Now Egyptian Royalty is one tough cookie, she opened the door and jumped out of the moving car while fighting the driver for her purse. Much of the contents of her purse fell out into the car. The guy had her phone and all the items he shook out of her bag! She scraped the hell out of the side of her knee and bruised her hip. Thank goodness a good Samaritan saw her jump from the car and offered her help. The “Uber”driver circled around and screamed curses at her.

At 4:00 in the morning we are in the lobby of the hotel, filling out a police report. To say that I had regrets is an understatement. I consider myself more of sub that tries to top from the bottom than a sissy Slut sub and I hadn't been there when she had needed me. I felt horrible.

These beautiful women can be targets in a dangerous world full of predators and worse. We must all be vigilant and as traveling companions to our Empress's provide a safe environment for them.

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