Six Months in Chastity

Can't believe she has kept me imprisoned for so long. Will I ever be released?

This month marks 6 months since she locked me up. I can't believe she has left me for so long. Since first meeting Egyptian Royalty in July, she had known that I dreaded chastity. I had a couple owners in the past who would place me into a cage and well... it was horrible! I know there are guys that get off on it, but for me it is the nightmare that doesn't go away.

Locked up

“Go get your chastity devices."

It was October and Egyptian Royalty had been visiting. The final day had arrived and it was time to go to the airport. She turned to me and said, "Go get your chastity devices."

I couldn't believe the words that had come from her lips. I mean.... It took me quite a while to locate them, all the while wishing I had deep-sixed them years ago. She chose the hard plastic 6000S, and moments later I was secured.

The first two weeks of wearing a chastity cage is simply torture. You are constantly aware of it. Your penis is expanding and contracting as if it has an Incredible Hulk delusion, thinking that it can break through and explode the cage. During the nighttime while sleeping, the prison break attempts continue, waking you up constantly.

But after those first two weeks, it is as if your body accepts the bondage and stops fighting the device. Oh, there is still the occasional attempted "Escape from Alcatraz”, but they become more rare. You may go as much as two days without a problem, except for when you have to use the toilet. One of the less desirable things about wearing a chastity cage is that you can no longer use a urinal or “Pee standing up”. Unless you want to risk coming out of the restroom fully splattered with your own piss. Yes, the truth is that following that incarceration, you will have to be concerning yourself with toilet stalls, dirty toilets and lines... all the things which guys rarely have to think about.

Murphy's Law of Chastity Cages

There is a second thing that happens as a result of wearing a chastity device. And that is "Murphy's Law of Chastity Cages", which is that as soon as you are locked up in chastity you will become immediately attractive to hot women who all begin to flirt with you. Yes, Murphy loves to stick his tongue out at you and throw women your way, whom you are now incapable of doing anything with!

Her trip had been cut short and we arranged for a follow up visit a couple of weeks later. Whew! I was eager to be able to get that damned contraption off. The visit came and went and the cage never came off! And worse, when I spoke to her, she seemed to have no intention of it coming off any time soon. By the time she left I found myself staring at the cage, muttering to myself.

It was during this visit that she introduced me to her rather effective strap on. I must say that I slipped into subspace while kneeling below her and looking up past her black monster and into her mesmerizing eyes. She later introduced me to the Big Black Monster, using it deep and hard within me. At that moment I realized she had begun to re-sexualize me, training me to respond in a Sissy way and boy did i love it.

The scary thing is that in the past, there was always motivation by my dominas to remove the device. They would want me free for services or to participate in a session,... or just to play. With Egyptian Royalty, it is truly scary because she can't think of one reason to release me. When I bring up the subject, it is as if I am asking her to take a vacation in the jungles of Vietnam. "Like, why would I ever consider that?"

It was during one such discussion where I must have been particularly desperate to have the device removed that she answered the question of removal with more a window into her thinking. "You are going to lose your penis bitch... you need to get used to not having it so I can train you to be the best sissy slut and worship my BBC’s and make me money."


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