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Session Interests

Bondage:  I will make you powerless to resist me.  From short tests of predicament bondage to longer sessions with abandonment, you will find my ropes, my chains and my personality will bind you inescapably.  And while you are bound, you will be helpless but to think only of me.

Castration Fantasy:  It was quite common for my royal Egyptian ancestors to castrate the servants of my queen mothers.  And although today, castration is a form of role and fantasy play…. mistakes can happen!  Perhaps the elastrator which we put on for play, stays on a tad too long?  Or could my subconscious desires cause me to clamp down on that burdizzo, until the clasp accidentally locks? 

CBT:  Are you willing to gamble your masculinity for my amusement?  From ball busting to needle-play, your pain will put a smile on my lips.  I do not consider myself a “man-hater.”… I love men, but I would not be honest if I did not admit that I take a personal delight in making your source of greatest pleasure become the instrument of your greatest torment.

Double Domme


Chastity:  Nothing puts a smile on my face more than when I close the lock on your chastity device.  I know that your entire sexuality and your manhood is now under my control.  It thrills me to know that throughout the day you will be constantly reminded of me.  I am delighted in the knowledge that henceforth you will have to sit on at toilet as a woman.  But be warned, once I have your key, I am not generous in returning it.  It will be a very long time before you see it a second time.  You had best combine your chastity with serious anal training as that may become your only pathway to any orgasm. 

Corporal Punishment:  Slaves exist to be beaten.  Can you withstand the onslaught of my canes, my crops and my whips?  Will you show yourself to be brave enough to withstand my lashes?  Will you carry my marks on your body for days to come?  How will you feel, when you emerge from the shower and see your marks in the mirror?  At first you will be alarmed by the very sexual red color you see, followed later by a royal purple, as if in homage to my royal lineage, and finally a gorgeous brown to match the lovely Caramel of my own skin color.  You suffer as a tribute to your queen.

Foot, Boot and Heel Worship:  My foot slaves hold a special place in my heart.  I share their fetish for a sexy pair of heels.  My feet are long and slender, aristocratic and delicate, with high arches and are extremely sensitive and responsive.  Are your oral foot skills developed enough to make me hot?    



Public Play:  Will you prove yourself worthy of worshiping your Goddess, from the heels of my boots, to the toes of my feet?  And if you show your dedication, will you be able to show sufficient reverence to my perfectly sculpted ass? 

Golden Showers:  Do you deserve the honor of refreshing and replenishing yourself from the Goddess’ own golden nectar?  We will have to wait and see, …. won’t we?

Humiliation:  Do you dare bare your ego in front of this queen?  Will you ever be the same, or will you suffer irrevocable damage to that persona of yours?  From verbal to physical to public humiliation, I will strip you of your facades and reveal the person you truly are.  .Be careful what you ask for.


Medical exams:  Maybe I love the role of Dr. Frankenstein, but being able to control your body and anatomy brings me immense enjoyment.  Shall I serve you a champagne enema which will “loosen” your control in a couple of different ways?  Shall I inspect your urethra with increasing sizes of sounds.  Should we see if you are more pleasant sessioning with your lips sutured together?  Or maybe we should force your testicles up into the body and staple your scrotal tissue.  Needles… how about a permanent ring installed to remind you of your queen?  Or maybe I should catheterize you and not only ensure your chastity, but also take control of your most basic toilet function?   Scary?  Halloween is coming, Igor?

Sissy Training:  Nothing is more enjoyable than turning a macho man into a simpering little sissy.   Do you think you have the “balls” to let me destroy your masculinity?  I will turn you into a Barbie-Doll in no time, and don’t be surprised if my … more… accomplished ingénues are provided with their own Ken doll!   Can you be my star pupil?  Will you be the first to go through a glory-hole graduation party?

Strap-on Worship.  I know what you want.  But will you show that you are accomplished enough to handle it?  I will make you weak-kneed and send you home unable to walk straight.  Be careful what you ask for.

Slave Girls


I have four specialties which have been developed in my years as a professional Domina.  These sessions require a longer session time.  

Mummification:  Given my heritage, it is fitting that I have developed the "Pharoah's Mummification" process.  This is a multi-layered mummification that renders you immobile.  It is perfect for extended mummification/ abandonment sessions.

 Mummification with release requires a 2 hour session, while mummification and abandonment can be as short as 4 hours or as long as overnight.

The Nefertiti Transformation.   Queen Nefertiti was known throughout the civilized world as the most beautiful monarch on earth.  Using my skills as a professional model and fashion designer, I will remake you into your most attractive and  realistic feminine presentation. 


Session components include: full makeup, runway walking lessons (in heels), wardrobe consultation, female mannerisms, and voice training.  Requires a minimum of 3 hours.  

The Ankh Modification:  For those who are looking for extreme feminization, this transformative body modification will hold your penis and testicles up in the abdomen, and uses the scrotal sack to form the labia of a vagina.  Be warned that this is not a painless procedure and henceforth you will be forced to sit on the toilet.  You may also need to purchase baggy pants, as it will be quite clear to others that you have no "package."  Understand that this modification is not permanent and is removable, but if left in place will become permanent.  Minimum time frame is 3 hours.



The Nubian Blackening:  When the Nubian Civilization conquered Egypt for the 25th Dynasty. Egyptians were required to serve these Black Conquerors.  It is a dedicated slave who  commits himself to fully service the black race, including the Black Bull.  Be aware that once you take this step, you may be re-sexualized and never be the same.  Double Domme session required.

My interests are varied, and if you do not see what you are interested in experiencing, then ask.  I enjoy breaking in novices and at the same time I enjoy the freedom veterans offer me to flex my own creativity.  Regardless of your level of experience, we will both have a delightful time.  I am an adventurer by spirit and we may discover something new altogether.

However:  There will be No Sex, nor any illegal activities.  

Mummy Slave
Empress and Slave
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