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Chastity  Slave Training 

    Chastity Slave Online Training

What:  For several years I have been developing a complete Lifestyle Slave Training Program for those dedicated submissives who are serious about improving their service value and wish to move on to a lifestyle relationship serving a Fem-Domme.

Curriculum:  Self-paced, with Domina guidance, 10-step progressive training program.

Elements:  Weekly Progress Tracker, improvement consultation, reading material, hypnosis behavior modification, assignments.


Program Length:  Until I feel you are an acceptable submissive

Investment:  Discounted price for Beta-Launch program is $Fee a month plus the price of materials and supplies you will need. Such as BDSM toys for Egyptian Royalty

10 Step Program:

1.   Commitment, Acceptance & Vow

2.   Chastity

3.   Protocol, Rules of Behavior & Worship

4.   Re-Sexualization

5.   Emasculation, & Identity Reframing

6.   Service Slavery

7.   Public Humiliation & Social Acceptance

8.   Acceptance & Surrender

9.   Uncensored Service

10. Non-Consensual Slavery

Strapon Chasitity
Plugs and Chastity

Slave Check list


  1. Collar & leash 

  2. Safeword HUmmm lol

  3. Chasitiy Device

  4. Wood Cloth Pins

  5. Leather Face Mask

  6. Leather harness 

How does the sub interact with the program:

  1. He/she must report what he/she is doing every Saturday.

  2. He/she must report what he/she is wearing.

  3. He/she must ask permission to do certain tings. The program decides weather or not to grant permission, depending on a lot of factors.

  4. He/she must confess when he/she has done anything wrong.

  5. He/she must report to the program regularely, as a control that he/she is really home when he/she is supposed to be home.

  6. The program will instruct the sub on what to wear.

  7. The program will instruct the sub on how to do specific tasks.

  8. The program will keep a list of tasks that the sub must perform on time.

  9. The program will punish the sub for disobeying, for being late or otherwise not obeying the rules.

  10. The program can let the sub write lines as a punishment or as training.

  11. The program may interrupt the sub in whatever he/she is doing and give him/her an order.

  12. The sub gets points for behaving good and loose points for failing to live up to standards or for being too comfortable. The more points, the easier the subs life is.

Slave Rules 

  1. Can't cum during the class 

  2. Must obey Empress at all times. 

  3. Must keep Chasity Device on at all times During Training.

  4. Must Complete Daily Task and Homework.

  5. Must report all your daily activities for weekly review.

  6. Must Contribute to the growth of the Empress and the dungeon.

  7. Can't cum during the class 

Failure to complete your tasks or to submit your homework may generate a fine or in the worst case you will be dismissed from the class with no refund. Of course you may re-enroll and hopefully take the class more seriously  next time.

Its Time to Lock it Up

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