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Service Maid Training 

Cleaning is a chore and Can also be a task.

This training class will help you to tackle chores around the house in a kinky way, with the help if your vertirual Goddess Daily Task Calendar.

To make your task easy follow these daily cleaning tips to keep your house clean to your goddess liking, just in case your Goddess decides to visit.

Stay focused on keeping your house clean for your Goddess. Concentrate on completing each daily task so you don't have to go back the next day to complete that task in addition to the next days task.

This maid training program will give you daily tasks, chores and homework. Your Goddess will review your homework upon submission.

Failure to complete your tasks or to submit your homework may generate a fine or in the worst case you will be dismissed from the class with no refund. Of course you may re-enroll and hopefully take the class more seriously  next time.

Sissy Maid

Type of Service Maid

Server Service Maid 

Sissy Slut Maid 

 Maid Checklist 

  1. Suit With Tails or Sissy Maid Outfit 

  2. White Gloves 

  3. Handkerchief

  4. Slave Collar

  5. Butt Plug 

  6. Chasity Device

  7. Latex Gloves 

  8. Serving Tray 

  9. Duster 

  10. Bucket  & Mop

  11. Cleaning Supplies 

  12. Apron 

Maid Rules 

  1. Must Obey Goddess at all times 

  2. Must keep Chasity device on during training.

  3. Must complete daily Maid Training Task & homework

  4. Must report daily progress to you goddess. 

  5. Must contribute the the growth of the future dungeon.

  6. Must not Play with the cleaning products

  7. Don't use Cleaning products for anything sexual.

Think of your Daily Maid Training Task house cleaning as preventative Cleaning. A small commitment to help you go even longer between deep cleaning sessions.The key here is to make this simple and easy to get the task done. To help you out, Here is a daily quick to-do list calendar,

That I expect you to complete Daily.  

Daily Tasks

Don't forget to take pictures of your before and after of your daily Task and Submit to Empress for review and remember all task must be done in Full Uniform. 

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