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Pimping Fantasy 

Theres levels to this hoeing shit, you know you have that fantasy of being on the corner 

Sissy Swallow Cartoon

Failure to complete your tasks or to submit your homework may generate a fine or in the worst case you will be dismissed from the class with no refund. Of course you may re-enroll and hopefully take the class more seriously  next time.

Slut Whore Bag CheckList 
  1. Heels 

  2. Mini Skirt 

  3. Lingerie

  4. Stockings

  5. Crop top

  6. Wig

  7. Lashes 

  8. Makeup

  9. Shiny Lip Gloss

Slut Whore Rules

  1. Must Obey Zaddy At all times.

  2. Must complete Daily Task and Homework.

  3. Don't for get to Protect your ass at all times. 

  4. Must Contribute to your Zaddy.

  5. Must report all Funds to Zaddy. 

  6. Must avoid Real pimps. 

  7. Must Report all Activities to Zaddy.

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