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Online Training Classes

Online Training Classes

Dying to play with me, but can only do it online ??

I bet you will love my Online Training classes.

Don't miss out on the online subspace kink and fun. 


Become a part of Egyptian Royalty's kinky world and train online to be a good little bitch for your Empress.

As a possible worthy subject, you show your loyalty and support for Egyptian Royalty and get access to online training classes. Since I will be checking up on your progress, this will give every candidate the opportunity to interact with me weekly.

As a very creative and powerful Empress, I'm continuously evolving my creative branding and perfecting my craft as a Professional Dominatrix. My style is unique and I love sharing it with those eager to also share their submissive side with me. 

As I continue to grow in my passion as a Professional Dominatrix, I expect my Submissives to fully engage in the daily activities of the program. This will indicate to me how you really care about me as your Empress.

Having done domination for over a decade, I can honestly say that I love molding men into my little bitches... I'm Naturally Dominant and enjoy having a sub submit to me and work his way into my lifestyle. As an Empress, it's in my nature to be dominant. I live and breathe to control and mold my subs as I please, which is my place as Royalty.

Everything, from my choice of words to the way I carry myself and how I interact with other individuals shows my Dominate Royal nature. If you have the opportunity to interact with me, you will see how it relates to who I am.

I only choose to interact with submissives who share the same interest, which should Only be worshiping Egyptian Royalty. I tend to accept subs into Female supremacy who understand the Natural cycle of life in my world. They understand that I am above them in every form and fashion.

My main priority is a genuine connection with my submissives. If you're interested in becoming my slave, a good way to start is to explore the members only side of my website and see what gets you on your knees.

For several years I have been developing a complete Online Slave Training Programs for those dedicated Submissive's who are serious about improving their service value as a slave and wish to move on to a lifestyle relationship serving me as their

Fem Domme Empress.

Dominant School Teacher

Online Training Classes Available 


  • Slave Training

  • Sissy Training

  • Pimping Fantasy​ 

  • Chastity Device Training 

  • Pet Training

  • Maid Training ( Sissy Maid & Service Maid )


Enrolling in a training class will give you membership access only to that class. Included in your training class package will be a Daily Task calendar and a daily tracker. If you would like to enroll in an additional training class you must also pay the fee for the additional training class.

All training classes will include a monthly calendar of daily tasks and an online tracker for me to monitor your progress. Your progress will be evaluated during our weekly online meetings.


If during our weekly online meeting it becomes evident that you have failed to complete all of your daily tasks, you will be assessed a penalty.

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