Frequently asked questions

Are you actually Egyptian?

Yes, although some may assume that the biography included on this website is merely marketing, the information contained is all true. My family owns land in both Upper Egypt and Sudan.

How can I become a Personal Slave?

A Personal Slave relationship develops over time with Trust, Affection, Compatibility, and Shared Values. It takes time to develop this type of relationships. Typically a submissive begins as a session submissive, and then if we are both agree, he will become an exclussive Vassal submissive to me, and thereafter he may progress to the status of personal slave.

Can I serve you online?

I conduct many online sessions . If you would like to be considered for a online session, you should fill out a session application, stating that Its a Online Session.

Can I come and move in and serve you?

I get daily requests from around the world from submissives who would like to move in and serve me 24/7/365. What you are asking is whether I would assume financial responsiblity for you, pay for your food, your clothing, your medical expenses, your dental care and if you are going to run errands, provide a car for your use. My answer is NO. I have slaves to serve me, not for me to serve them.

I see pictures of you with castration tools, will you castrate me?

Castration is a serious offering and one that is appropriate for only a very small number of lifetime slaves. It is a journey that I would support only for Personal Slaves whom I am convinced that this is the right journey for them and they have signed a contract requesting the castrastation session.

How does the Session Deposit/Tribute work?

The session deposit is sent in order to reserve the date and time for your session. It is an amount equal to 33% of the session tribute and is typically sent as an Amazon electronic gift card. Most clients prefer this method of payment since it is totally anonymous and only the message you send attached to the gift card is seen. If you prefer not to use your own credit card for the Amazon gift card, then you can purchase one for cash at many retailers such as Walmart and CVS. The deposit is applied to the tribute fee and only the balance is payable at the beginning of your session.

Can I bring my own toys and or clothes?

By all means. I love playing with a variety of toys and I am delighted when a client has a special wardrobe prepared just for our session!

Are Gifts or tips required?

Both are welcome and certainly appreciated. So be a good little bitch and visit my Wishlist.

How can I know if you travel to my area?

Your best option is to fill out a session application and be sure to state your home location in addition to the location of the desired session. Also, join my website as a member which will give you access to my travel schedule and put you on my mailing list.

Will you travel to my home location?

The answer is Yes. Since I like to travel, explore and learn new things I will travel to your home location. But, be aware that you are expected to pay for all of my travel expenses including my accommodations at a suitable location of my choice. You will also pay for all food, entertainment and transportation during my stay.

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