Egyptian Royalty Tribute

Your purpose should be to impress me

When Worshiping a True Egyptian Royalty like me, just know that I have my own unique style and Love feeling like a Queen and being treated like one at all times. There's always a place and time for you to enjoy my kinky Dominant side because I’m just naturally dominant and Really enjoy being the Dominant. Being Egyptian Royalty means that I love being pampered on a regular basis to keep my appearance neat and clean. You should want the same for me.  Every girl loves a good manicure and pedicure. Egyptian Royalty will be a refection of you. When presenting Egyptian Royalty to anyone you should want me to represent you in a very classy way. Just because we are into kink doesn't mean that we have to wear it on our faces, unless this is something you're into and don’t mind then it's All On. I love a trip to a good spa, a Dinner date, Shopping etc. with a nice foot Rub that may lead you into a very interesting situation  ;). Yes I'm a Classy lady, but can you keep up with my kinky Dominant side? Remember... what happens in Egyptian Royalty's Chamber's stays in Egyptian Royalty's Chamber's and will be kept private, unless you voluntarily post on my blog with pics… then your on your own for the world to see.

Feel free to impress me. I have my wish list link and Tribute methods listed on this page . offerings has been a cultural tradition of my family for centuries. 

P.S, If you're looking for the rite person to leave your inheritance to. Feel free to donate to my charity.  I love donating to different charities, you can donate Gifts, Cash, Cars, Homes, Boats, Clothing Etc. When sending donation please note (For Charity) .

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