Black Orchid Society

Mission:  To promote the visibility, authority, reputation and social standing of Black Dominas within the BDSM profession and lifestyle communities.


Over the years, I have been asked by many submissives and slaves to partake in “race play” and to employ a philosophy of “Black Supremacy” as a theme for enslaving them. Although my family upbringing has certainly made me comfortable with the idea of servants and slaves, I have never felt overly comfortable with using race as a vehicle for kink. I do not feel that any group of people is superior to any other group of people and that superiority, if there is such a thing, is found in the individual. 

That being said, some time ago I began to recognize a need to empower black females with the knowledge and power that comes with Fem-dom. I am frequently asked to mentor young ladies, in doing so, it may be necessary for me to become personally involved to ensure that they are shown the correct pathway. 

     I also have seen in many white submissives the desire to submit to Black Dominants. Understanding that this provides extra fuel to the positive release that submission brings them.

    Therefore, I have decided to publish a specific social order where Dominants of the Black Orchid Society are revered and where submissives can choose to serve them.  I have been working on social constructs and will be developing social rules and laws for those who wish to go down this road to follow. I welcome your participation and any suggestions you may have to strengthen this new social order.

      The philosophy behind this social order is simple.  I believe many people in this world recognize that the Egyptians have a spiritual connection to nature.  This spiritual connection with the earth and nature is powerful and provides a justifiable reason for respect and worship. 

        It is this spiritual connection with nature that our new society will be focused on.

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