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My Royal blood stems from The Divine Goddess

My ancestors sprang forth from the Nile River.  They were the first offspring of Mother Earth, the only beings to be fertilized and birthed from her sacred Nile waters, the direct descendants of the Creator, Father Sun. 

They were immortalized by mankind, as they built the cradle of civilization in the valleys of the Sacred Nile River.

My lineage dates back to the Eighteenth Dynasty, who was known as the world's builders, farmers, masons, scientists, artisans, astronomers, and master builders. They erected a new series of temples and pyramids under the guidance of our sacred God Amun-Ra.

My ancestors in the Twenty-fifth Dynasty reunited Upper and Lower Egypt, always acknowledging their roots in Kush (Nubia) from whence they came. And YES, my family had many servants... thousands of them. Having servants is an ancient tradition of my family. This tradition has been preserved by my family to this very day by way of the national community in which I grew up. So it is therefore quite fitting that I am a Pro-Dominatrix,  and worshiped as  Modern-Day Egyptian Royalty.

I am a modern woman of the world, but I am also the direct descendant of the Warrior Spirit Sekhmet, and a Queen of the Nile by Blood. Should you have the honor to serve me, you will be smitten by my Regal Charm, my unquenchable spirit, and my zest for dominating you.​




New York City Femdom

Although my ancestral home is the Nile River, my personal home is that of a different River … The Hudson River. 

From the New Year’s Eve Time’s Square Celebration to Fashion Week, … to enjoying art galleries in Chelsea, shoe shopping in Soho, a ballet at Lincoln Center, an exhibit at the Met Gala, or sometimes just taking a leashed slave out for coffee and tea in the Village at the Pink Tea Cup near West 4th street, I am truly a New York City girl.  

When not traveling for business, I spend much of my leisure time in Atlanta with family.  I have picked up what could be called a smattering of southern hospitality. Upon meeting me you are not likely to spot the Southern Charm, but with a very pronounced New York City edge and an elegant royal twist!


By profession, I am both a Creative designer and a Model. In my spare time, I'm a Pro-Dominatrix. I love domination for many reasons. Among them is to explore my creativity through the lens of my historical background, to satisfy my aggressive urges as a Dominatrix, and to be worshiped as Royalty with the benefit of being able to be as kinky as I want to be.  

Upon meeting, you will discover that I am very easygoing and not hard to speak with. My sessions are unique and in my cultural theme. Our time together is precious, so remember first impressions are very important and meaningful to me. Our first time will be challenging as I learn and stretch your limits. I can be nurturing, playfully malicious, or diabolically sinister, depending on your desires.

However: There will be NO Sex, Nor Any Illegal Activities. 

Locations: Atlanta & Travels often to New York 


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