Goddess Contract Agreement





1* Agreement: 


     This contract Agreement is made on ____________ between  Egyptianroyalty , hereafter referred to as “Owner “,” EgyptianRoyalty”, Employer”,and “Her,” and _________________, Hereafter referred to as “Personal Property”“ property,” “employee”, “her”, “him”, or ‘it.” For consideration of the contract agreement “Property must be presented naked during the contract made by between “Seller (Personal Property _____________________)” and “Buyer(Owner EgyptianRoyalty).

Personal Property ______________ will formally renounce His or her right of liberty and contractually obligates his or herself freely and without reservation to the employment and general ownership of UMA MABRY. This agreement supersedes any previous contacts or agreement. Property_________________, Through signing this contract, is binding visor herself totally and completely, without limits, irrevocably to the servitude of Owner. Property ___________, relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, Privileges, prerogatives and status to Owner _____________, to become his or her contract bound employee and property and a Personal Property for her to own and use as she sees fit .




    Owner and Property both affirm that they are signing this contract of their own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that each are of sound mind and body and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Both parties further affirm that they fully understand the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times. Property understands that he or she will be used in a variety of roles as the employer/ Owner sees fit: As Property you will have domestic chores and duties, as both Chauffeur and employee. The Legal Property/ employee; recognizes that sub-standard performance may be corrected through punishment sessions that will be real, inescapable, organization or the body interfere in any way to prevent employee from fulling her obligation of servitude and obedience to Owner as defined in the contract 



3* Clauses: 


legal Property/ Personal Property/ Employee/ Responsibilities 


-a . Personal Property will willingly, freely and to the best of “his” “her” ability serve “his””her” Owner in any way she requires.

-b.  Personal Property will willingly, freely and to the best of “his“ “her” ability to serve Owner as Maid Performing any and all household duties including, but not limited to , cooking, cleaning, Washing, ironing and generally maintaining any location Owner stays.

-c.  Personal Property will willingly accept any punishment form Owner and for whatever reason, including purely for Owner’s pleasure. Punishment may take any form.



4* Unlimited Power and Control 


The Owner assumes complete control and power over the Personal Property . This Control and authority is absolute. The Property agrees to obey, serve and submit totally to the will of “his” “her” Owner. The property will obey the commands of “his” “her” Owner without provocation, manipulation or coercion, although the Owner may UTILIZE these SAME tactics for her own amusement and entertainment. This control includes, but is not limited to: 


A. Ownership of Personal Property body: 

The Property relinquishes all control of “his” or ”her” own body. This control includes but is not limited to appearance, consumption, Bodily Functions and sexual contact.


-Appearance: The Owner has complete control of the appearance of her Property. The Personal property will dress and groom His or her According to her Owner’s wishes.

-Consumption: The Owner is given the complete control of the foods, beverages and substances that her property will consume.

-Bodily Functions: The Owner has complete control over the bodily functions of her personal property. This includes but is not limited to masturbation, ejaculation, penetration, urination, and the elimination of waste.

-Sexual Control: The owner controls the Property’s sexual organs, and when appropriate maintain Property’s Body in a state of chastisement.

-Collaring: The Owner will Collar her Property. The collar is a symbol of of Owners property. The collar may or may not be utilized with a leash and will be worn or removed as circumstances dictate. Overtime, the Owner may wish to grant additional, specialty collars, such as Jewelry, dog collars, etc.

-Body Modification: The Owner retains the right to modify the Property’s body in terms of piercings, and the attachment of permanent jewelry, which may or may not display Owner’s name or symbols. 

-Sexual Relations: The Owner is given compete control of the sexual contact of property. The Property will have sexual relations only with Owner’s permission. Furthermore, the Property will have Mandatory sexual contact with anyone she chooses, and in any manner that she chooses. If remuneration or gifts are collected as a result of sexual contact, the remuneration or gifs becomes the sole property of the owner.

-Bodily Privacy: The Property surrenders all rights of personal bodily privacy.


B. Owner of Personal Property’s Mind: 

The Owner assumes control over the thoughts and feelings of “his””her” personal property. 



-Honesty:  The Property is required to be Truthful with Owner at all times.

-Openness: The Property is required to share His or her sexual fantasies, regardless of how degrading or humiliating they may be.

-Behavior Modification: The Property is required upon the directions of the Owner to regularly utilize hypnosis tapes and submit to any from of brainwashing, or behavior modification that the Owner sees fit or wishes.

-Public Behavior: The Property surrenders all expectations for public discretion, and may be introduces to others by either name Owner gives to Property, including , slave  or derogatory adjectives such a “bitch”, and Furthermore, the Owner may from time to time, take her Property out in public on a leash and collar. 




C. Ownership of the Personal Property’s Soul: The Owner assumes control of the Property’s soul. The Property will show reverence and worship of Owner, with or without her presence, in any manner she so dictates.


-The Property will take time out of her day to perform any ritual or rite of worship that her Owner wishes to require. 

-The Property will greet her Owner in the manner of her choosing.

-As a form of worship , the property may be required to consume the Owner’s urine, juices, and or bodily waste. 




D. Reasonable respect for her Property:  The Owner will exercise her authority in a responsible manner that will not bring “his” or “her” Personal property into reasonable jeopardy. The Owner agrees to care for and maintain the Physical and emotional health of her Personal Property. She will not treat, or direct her Personal Property to behave in any manner that would: 


  • Place “his’ or “her” Personal Property into harm that may result in hospitalization. 

  • Place “his” or “her”Personal Property into a position that may jeopardize “ his” or “her” Personal properties employment. 

  • Place “his” or “her” Personal Property into a position that may risk arrest or media attention.    



  1. Training : In order to quickly and efficiently train Personal Property _____________ to be fully submissive to the desires of her Owner, the traditional 12- Step pathway will be followed, however the owner dose have the right to deviate from this pathway as she feels appropriate. 


A. Step one:  Commitment, Acceptance and Vow: Where Commitment is promised and Personal Property ____________ Accepts, and internalizes her role as the Property of her Owner. This may include: 


  • A vow of Obedience and Servitude.

  • The Wearing of Collar or other symbols of servitude and Ownership.

  • Adopting personal styles that mark the personal property as being owned. 

  • Hypnosis is especially powerful in re-defining the Personal properties self-image and hypnosis tape to be used daily will accelerate the training process.    


B. Step Two Chastity: The Owner may have the Personal property ____________ placed into a state of chastisement to symbolize “His” or “her” Ownership of The Personal properties Sexuality and body. As defined by the Owner, this period will be typically for 30-days or longer if Owner believes circumstances require. 


  • Owner will select the style of chastity device worn.

  • Owner may choose progressively smaller devices to increase restrictiveness over time.

  • Owner may understand that extremely small and restrictive devices may result in genital shrinkage.



C. Step three: Protocol, Rules of Behavior and Worship: The owner will establish clearly defined protocol for “his” or “her” Personal property to follow to ensure sufficient respect and the aristocratic position of the Owner. Furthermore, she may establish Rules of behavior for the personal property to follow. These rules may be changed and appended to as time goes by.


  • Owner May establish protocols for Personal property to follow to ensure sufficient respect and the aristocratic positioning of Owner.

  • Owner may create Rules of behavior for the personal property to follow. These rules may be changed and appended with time.

  • Owner may establish rituals for the Personal property to reinforce “His” or  “her” positions and the Divinity of Ownership.


D. Step Four: Resexualization: To emasculate or feminize “His” or “her” Personal  property to improve the submission and passivity of the Personal property. Owner will resexualize Personal property if Owner want do so. This Involves the reprogramming of the personal property sexual identity and responsiveness.


  • Owner will use orgasm control to sexualize a change in “His” or “her” Personal property Sexual response/ emotional wiring. 

  • Owner will encourage erectile dysfunction, through orgasm denial, masturbation controls and hormone levels. 

  • Owner will encourage orgasm through whatever way Owner fill fit.


E. Step Five: Emasculation, Feminization, and identity Reframing: All Masculinity and male responses will be shunned and there will be the adoption of the traditional values of passivity, Kindness, gentleness and selflessness.


  • Owner will require feminine garments, Clothing, and cosmetics.

  • Owner will train and then encourage feminine posture, movement, and gestures.

  • Owner will control usage of hormones, anti-androgen and estrogen doses.

  • Owner will encourage Personal Property to hold femininity in reverence and reject all forms of masculinity.

  • Owner will introduce elements of her own personal style for the Personal property to internalize and  adopt to promoting mindshare, reverence and Owner- Worshipping. 



F. Step Six: Service of Personal Property: The Personal Property is obligated to serve his owner in all ways. This will involve Domestic service, Boudoir, Hostess and tea-service, Business, Financial management, Financial Assistances ( In the form of but not limited to debit card, credit card , Hard cash prevision, tribute , trips, clothing, shoes, Hair, Nail, Spa, body modification and gift.)  



G. Step Seven: Public Humiliation and Social Acceptance: Personal Property will be trained to accept her role publicly and proudly display position of slaves. While social inhibitions and natural, Owner will eradicate social hesitation and “break” the personal property of public and and social hesitation. Owner will push boundaries according to her wishes, but will not push to a degree where breaking the law of nature, jeopardizing health, or employment of personal property is at risk.


H. Step eight: Acceptance and Surrender: At this stage, the personal property has been broken and fully accepts personal Properties role and position without thought, or hesitation. She serves her owner openly and is proud of her position. Typically, This stage is combined with the following: 


  • Body Modification / piercings. 

  • Tattoos 

  • Branding 

  • Personal Property Ceremony 



H. Step Nine: Uncensored Service: The Owner’s Position and authority is now absolute, and the Personal property serves without hesitation. The Personal Property which belongs to Owner can is obligated to serve without hesitation and can share with anyone she so wishes. The personal Property open position and service of whoever the owner stipulates reinforce his or her lack of free will and objectification. This Step ca n be characterized by the following acts: 


  • Loaned out; Loaned to provide services to the friends, family and associates of Owner. This typically occurs when the owner is traveling. 

  • Sexual Option : Owner requires personal property to sexually service members of both sexes if chosen to be. It’s not a (Guarantee) you will be chosen for this.

  • Cockhold is a way of ownership to the Owner, so it maybe required for personal property to wear it till owner takes it off.


I. Step Ten: Final Step : This step is the final and irrevocable step of Personal property placement, Where Personal property fully submits to the authority of Owner without chance of freedom and independence. It typically involves:


  • Shedding of all Personal Property, give all rights of Themselves as Personal property, meaning you will belong to the Owner. In witch she will give you number or a Pet name

  • Relinquishing assets and security to The Owner to better fit the owner use.

  • Surrender of legal documents such as Passport, Birth Certificate, Id , Licenses and Social Security Card for Owner’s Proof of Ownership. With a written Statement stating that you gave it yo your owner as a sign of loyalty and surrendering as her Personal Property. 




  1. Services to be Performed for Owner’s personal Life:  The Personal Property will serve her Owner in any manner she so wishes, Cheerfully and without hesitation. This service may include but is not limited to:


    a. Errands: The Personal Property Human pet will run errands for Owner in order to simplify her life. and slave become useful.


    b. Maid service: The Personal Private Property will perform maid service for her Owner wherever she is. 

These service will include, but not limited to : Cleaning is a must, limited Cooking if asked, acting as host server for parties According to the Owner’s desire, The private property maybe required to wear appropriate maid attire during the performance of these services.


    C. Boudoir Service: The personal Property is required to perform Boudoir service for her Owner. This service includes , Massaging, manicures / pedicure, kinky wear, Shoes etc. Owner may require the slave to do Sexual Service for Owners entertainment and enjoyment.


    D. Escort Service: The Personal property ( Slave ) will escort the Owner anytime she so wishes. On errands or any task where she want assistance or company or her slave. This may include such things as going to business, Function, Shopping, Nightlife, dinner, Traveling, going to Spa’s or have hair and nails done etc.   


 7. Services to be Performed for her Professional life:  The Personal Property (Slave) will be required to be available to assist Owner in any manner that will promote and support owners Perfessional Career. This will require Property to Invest into her brand, Marketing , administration assistance, Bookkeeping , data-base management and Presentation. Remember this also will reflect how you view your goddess in anyones eyes. 


  1. Punishment and reward : The Owner retains the right to punish or reward her Personal Property ( Slave ) in order to train Property to better serve Owner. Punishment may include, Corporal beatings, torture, confinement, Humiliation, or what ever owner sees fit as a punishment. Rewards may include, but is not limited to Sexual Gratification. 


  • Corporal Punishment: The Owner has not only the right but the obligation to beat her slave for disobedience. She will constantly work to improve her slave limits for physical abuse for her entertainment. If Owner ever feels that her Property is being disobedient Owner will punish slave till she will fit with no save word. The Personal property ( Slave ) may be make during these beatings or punishments but these markings may not be visible when slave is fully clothed. 


  • Torture: The Owner may torture the Personal Property ( Slave ) Genitals, nipples or any other area of her body in order to enforce discipline.


  • Confinement: The Owner will regularly place her Personal Property ( Slave ) into Bondage with the purpose of either securing solitary time for Herself, or as a means of extending her Property ( Slave ) Limits in this regard. 


  • Humiliation: The Owner will upon her discretion humiliate her Slave in public or private for either punishment reasons or for her entertainment and amusement. This humiliation may include but is not limited to: Verbal Abuse, Slapping, Name calling, public verbal debasement, and exhibition. 



  1. Feminization of Slave: The Personal Property ( Slave ) is required to allow continually emasculating and Feminized BY OWNER IN ANY MANNER THE OWNER WISHES. If chosen. This will include, but not limited to: 



  • Apparel: The Owner will require the slave to wear Feminine apparel and encourage the use of heels. 

  • Grooming: The Owner will require the slave to stay will groomed in the was owner sees fit to her liking, or in feminine ways. This includes the use of cosmetics, perfumes, nails, Hair, etc. The Owner has the right to prohibit any body hair on slave.


  • Jewelry: The slave will wear the amount and type of jewelry that the Owner so dictates. This shall include engagement rings/ wedding band, necklace, bracelet, earrings, which will be presented and token of your appreciation of your Owner if you want to have a matching set you it will be worn at all times, regardless of setting and company. In contrast to the slave collar that will be worn and removed as circumstance dictate, this engagement and / or wedding ring will not be removed and serve as a constant reminder of slaves status and personal obligation and commitment as well as a message to third parties that this slave is Owned. 


  • Body Modification:  Owner reserves the right to modify and emasculate the slave’s body in the manner of her choosing.

  • Personal Style: The Slave, with the assistance of her Owner will adopt a personal style of clothing, grooming, color preference, cosmetics, and perfumes. The Owner will require the slave to replace the slave’s personal style with that of the Owner, As a form worship and subservience.

  • Styling of Property: The Slave is required with the assistance of the owner will increasingly adopt the style of Owners liking.  




  1. Transfer of Ownership: The Owner may rent, loan or trade Personal property ( Slave ) to another party, with or without prior notification. This is typically done when the slave and owner will be in different cities and the Owner wishes training to continue, or when the Owner feels the slave needs harsher disciplinary action than Owner herself feels comfortable inflicting. It may also occur if Owner feels that the slave could benefit goddess financially. It may also be required for slave to me training under the guidance of a male master if Owner see fit. 


  • Third Parties: The Owner has the right to temporarily rent, loan or trade her slave to any third party that she so wishes.


  • Financial Remuneration: Financial remuneration received as a result of this sale or rental, belongs to the Owner as you are her sole property.



  1. Cancellation Of Agreement: This agreement is an agreement between Owner and Personal Property ( Slave ) and can not be terminated from and third party, but can be terminated by Owner and Slave with termination fee, with two-week prior notification. 


  1. Permanent Continuation of Agreement: At such a time, as both parties agree to a permanent continuation of this relationship, item 7 of this agreement will be modified to make the agreement permanently binding to the slave. However, at such a time, a ritual will be held where the friends of both parties will be able to witness this enslavement.



  1. Marriage: At a point where a permanent continuation of agreement has been agreed upon, typically within 6years Owner and Slave will have an unbreakable bond that will be as Master ( Owner ) Personal Property ( Slave Name ) with slave committed to Owners ever comand. Owner will assume the role of Master ( Goddess ) and Slave will Take the Role of Bottom bitch Slave which will be taken as a role of a Bride  Wife, Sub, Bitch. a ceremony will be expected and this relationship will be open and visible to all except those Owner feel can harm the relationship. Slave will assume the role of a second parent to children of Owner if Owner feels this is appropriate at that or any latter time. Action will then be required to protect in terms of Insurance policies, investments, investment plans beneficiaries named in wills etc.


  1. Agreement Modification: The Owner, Alone, can alter and / or modify this agreement at any time.  The Slave will accept any change, rules or modification without reservation. 


  1. Rules of Behavior: In addition to this agreement, the Owner may require the Personal Property ( Slave ) to maintain a list of “ Standing Rules of Conduct”. These Rules may be modified and changed at wii by the Owner only. 






Owner, (Goddess) Master                                          Personal Property ( Slave )  Bottom Bitch










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